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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I prepare myself financially for this program?

  • Submit your FAFSA application early
  • If you live in Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, or Wyoming submit your WICHE application by October 15th (read the website carefully)
  • Make preparations to support yourself (and your family, if applicable) for 2+ years
  • Start researching private scholarships and sources of educational funding.

2. Am I a competitive applicant?

Here are some stats on the class entering August 2013:
  • Mean total GPA 3.37
  • 22 females, 13 males
  • 30 Colorado residents, 5 out of state residents
  • Mean age, 31

3. Can I make an appointment to talk to program faculty about my application or prerequisites?

Applicants are encouraged to visit the PA program home page for important information regarding general information and advising sessions.  The program DOES NOT review individual transcripts or assessments of pre-requisites for pre-applicants.  Pre-applicants are strongly encouraged to attend general information sessions where program faculty will address questions in a public forum. For further information, contact Red Rocks Advising at 303.914.6255 or

4. Do I have to take the prerequisites within a certain period of time?

All prerequisites must be completed by the application deadline. There is no period of time previous to which prerequisites will not be accepted, however, experience has shown that students who have taken the prerequisites within the last five years do better academically.

5. What kind of paid healthcare experience do you accept for admission to the program?

There are no specific parameters for what qualifies as “healthcare experience.”

6. Where do I find information about the PA profession in general?

Start with There are substantial resources and information on PA programs, scope of practice, state regulations, salaries, job openings, and much more.

7. Is part time study available at RRCC PA program?


8. Is it possible to transfer from another PA program to RRCC?


9. Can I take all of my pre-requisites at Red Rocks?

Many pre-requisite courses for the PA Program are offered at RRCC although a baccalaureate degree is required for entry into the PA Program. Visit the Admission/Application link for a complete list of required pre-requisites.

10. Is it possible to obtain advanced standing for coursework received as part of a professional program (such as M.D.)?

No advanced standing is given for any course required by the RRCC curriculum.

11. Is it possible to start the program at anytime other than August?


12. Is it possible to work while attending the RRCC PA program?

While there is no way the program can enforce a ban on student employment while in the program, it is strongly discouraged. Students who work while in the program tend to do poorly. Absolutely no accommodations will be given by the program for student employment.

13. Can I choose my clinical rotations?

It is the program’s responsibility to arrange for clinical rotations which provide the best educational experience for the student. Many of these rotations will be outside the Denver metropolitan area. Students may request or suggest rotation sites, but final approval of all clinical rotations rests with the program and must follow established program policy.

14. Can I do all of my clinical rotations in the Denver metro area? (Or, I am not from Denver so can I do all of my clinical rotations in my home area?)

No. In keeping with the mission of the program, students will be required to do a number of clinical rotations in rural and underserved areas. Experiences in these areas provide the student with a unique perspective on these medical communities and the patients they serve. Students who are accepted into the program under the HRSA grant/scholarship chair most likely will be doing a larger percentage of clinical rotations in rural and underserved areas and this may be able to be fulfilled in a particular rural area, if that is near the student’s home. It is important to note that a student may not refuse a rotation assigned by the program, and doing so is considered a voluntary withdrawal from the program.

15. What makes the RRCC PA program unique?

The RRCC Program is one of only five PA programs in the United States in a community college setting. One advantage of this setting is that tuition and fees for RRCC PA students are significantly lower than the national reported mean for both resident and non-resident students (58% and 66% of the national reported mean respectively).

The RRCC PA program was designed by the local medical community and has strongly supported the program since its inception. The class size is small as the program has a maximum capacity of 32 students which allows for individual attention.


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