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Mission, Values & Goals of the PA Program


The mission of the Red Rocks Community College Physician Assistant Program is to train clinically competent and compassionate PAs to provide primary care to the medically underserved.


  • The Program values competency leading to quality patient care
  • The Program values compassion as the appropriate approach to all people
  • The Program values service to humanity
  • The Program values creative and innovative teaching methods that promote the mission of the Program


The Program will achieve its mission by accomplishing the following goals:

1.  The Competent Physician Assistant

  • The Program will provide a high quality curriculum that addresses all ARC-PA accreditation standards for curriculum content, PANCE Blueprint curriculum content and current, and evidence based guidelines for quality care.
  • The Program will assess student competency through formative and summative evaluations in order to ensure successful completion of the program, successful PANCE performance, and successful entry into the PA profession.
  • The Program will monitor the satisfaction of graduate employers and will modify the Program appropriately to maintain high employer satisfaction.
  •  The Program will encourage lifelong learning that promotes quality care


2. The Compassionate Physician Assistant

  • The Program will provide policies and curriculum content that identify, develop and reinforce compassion in applicants, students and graduates.
  • The Program will monitor and promote professional behaviors during didactic and clinical years.
  • The Program will emphasize patient-centered care.


3. The Primary Care Physician Assistant

  • The Program will provide curriculum content and clinical experiences emphasizing  primary care
  • The Program will provide curriculum content and clinical experiences across the lifespan.
  • The Program will encourage graduates to practice in primary care.


4.  The Serving Physician Assistant

  • The Program will provide curriculum content and clinical experiences addressing  the care of underserved and special populations.
  • The Program will encourage participation in community service through faculty mentorship and example.

The success of the Red Rocks PA Program in reaching its goals is measured in its graduates:

The Competent PA

  • Competency of Program graduates is measured by Program completion rates and first time PANCE pass rates.  Completion rates have been 94%-100% over the last three classes. PANCE first time pass rates have met or exceeded the national average for the last seven years. 
  • The Red Rocks PA Program encourages lifelong learning by introducing current students to the continuing medical education (CME) programs that the PA Program hosts for alumni and preceptors.
  • Surveys of employers of RR PA Program graduates continue to indicate high satisfaction with the academic and professional preparation of the Program graduates. 

 The Compassionate PA

  • The physician employer survey shows that the Program has been successful in developing compassionate PAs.

The Primary Care PA

  • The Red Rocks PA Program curriculum has a primary care focus. The organ-based curriculum and specialty topics are all taught within the context of primary care. 
  • At minimum, six of the twelve required rotations are done in a primary care setting. 
  • Throughout the Program, students are educated in primary care across the lifespan. 
  • Two-thirds of the surveyed 2010 graduates have chosen to accept positions in a primary care setting. 

The Serving PA

  • Service to the community and to the underserved is also one of the foundations of the Program.  All students participate in activities and rotations with underserved populations. Students and faculty participate in a variety of health fairs throughout the curriculum. These service learning experiences provide students with opportunities to further explore the volunteer care they can provide as practicing PAs.


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