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Call for Plays

Short plays, one-acts and full-lengths are being sought for performance at the Playwrights Showcase of the Western Region August 5-8, 2009. Selected playwrights must reside in a Western state, be registered for the conference, and be present at their public reading.

Playwrights will be notified if their script is selected for presentation by May 15, 2009.


Submission Fee: $5 per entry to cover processing costs

Send submissions and Submission Fee to:

Pamela Jamruszka Mencher
Playwrights Showcase Coordinator
Red Rocks Community College
13300 West Sixth Avenue
Campus Box 20
Lakewood, Colorado 80228

For more information call: 303.914.6231

Submission Guidelines

• One submission per category is accepted. The scripts must include a cast list with brief character description, and a one line description of the play.

• A cover letter should include the title of the play, the playwright’s name, address, telephone numbers, and email address and a 50 word bio for inclusion in the conference booklet.

The playwright’s name may not appear anywhere in script copies.

• Four copies of each script should be submitted in standard manuscript format and bound using cardstock for covers, and brads to secure the pages. If the script copies do not conform to these requirements, they will not be considered.


• Scripts may have had staged readings or amateur/college productions, but no professional (Equity) productions or be published or represented by an agency or organization for purposes of royalty collection or production.

• Scripts must be postmarked by February 12, 2009.

• Scripts will not be returned under any circumstances so please do not include SASE. 

• Adaptations from material in the public domain are eligible for consideration.

• Scripts that exceed the time limits will not be considered (see Categories).

• No musicals in any category.

No e-mail submissions will be accepted.


Short Plays: Scripts may not exceed 15 minutes in performance or no more than 10 pages of dialogue.

One-Acts: Scripts may not exceed 60 minutes in performance or no more than 45 pages of dialogue.

Full-length plays: Scripts may not exceed two hours in performance or no more than 90 pages of dialogue.





Playwrights Showcase 2009

Contact Info

Pamela Jamruszka Mencher
Playwrights Showcase Coordinator

Lorraine Scott
Director/Actor Coordinator

Elizabeth Parks
Volunteer Coordinator

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