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photo of windmill turbine and solar panels

Renewable Energy Technology

Dan's Story

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"Sleeper House" gets a wake-up call from RRCC energy audit students

In the RRCC's Energy Audit course( ENY 102), students are given the real-world technical training required to improve the energy efficiency of the infamous "Sleeper House" in Genesse, Colorado.

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Renewable energy sources are the cutting edge of America’s quest for a diversified and secure energy future. Environmentally friendly, sustainable living and regenerating, renewable energy sources have always been the right choice, but with rising fuel costs, renewable energy sources are no longer a choice but a requirement. Careers in renewable energy, Installation and auditing (Training/Education) will be increasing dramatically nationally as well as locally. There has been an increasing demand for skilled workers in the local area for solar installers, home and commercial energy auditors, solar thermal and solar electrical systems and many other areas. Learn the skills you need for these green collar jobs at Red Rocks Community College!

The Renewable Energy Program at RRCC offers degrees and certificates in the following areas:

  • Solar Photovoltaic (degree/certificate)
  • Solar Thermal (degree/certificate)
  • Energy Efficiency (Energy Audit)-(certificate only)

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