Linking STEM, authentic experiences and career aspirations

RISE connects RRCC student's academic knowledge with authentic STEM experiences, preparing students for a lifetime of career opportunities.

Through cross-disciplinary coursework, advising, mentoring, professional development, and exceptional experiences in and out of the classroom, students develop tools and capacity to become self-directed and lifelong learners. RISE students gain confidence in STEM and transfer and career pathways.

The core of RISE is reflection, a tool to critically link interests, talents, and career aspirations. RISE encourages students to apply their knowledge and abilities in the workplace (internships), community (service, volunteering) and transfer universities (research, projects).  The RISE program facilitates students to develop a learning portfolio to integrate their reflection and experiences, and to communicate their learning, passions and career paths.

RRCC provides many resources to help STEM students shape their RISE experience:

STEM Scholars Summer Research


STEM Projects (NASA Space Grant, classroom projects, IDEA)

Engineering Transfer Program D2L

Career, Internship and Volunteer Center

STEM alumni networking events

Industry and field site visits  (organized by clubs)

Study Abroad

Service-learning courses


EXPLORE Symposium – presentations of student’s summer experiences