Red Rocks Institute in STEM Education

RISE – Launching innovations that matter

RISE incubates and launches transformative innovations in STEM education. RISE accomplishes this by providing a platform for students to self-direct their education towards learning that is relevant and by creating innovative learning environments that engage hands-on learning for real world challenges. RISE provides mentoring, skills trainings and workshops for faculty and students to build a community of STEM innovators.

RISE offers:

STEM project-based education for credit. Through Introduction to Design and Engineering Applications (IDEA) course, students practice design, teamwork and collaboration around a real world technical challenge that results in conceptual design, prototype, and/or physical artifact for a client. Students can transfer the IDEA class to the Colorado School of Mines. Learn more about the IDEA class.

Support to students interested in engineering with the goal of transferring to a four-year institution.  In the IDEA Lab, students explore engineering careers, develop student-run workshops, meet other engineering students, and participate in mentoring training and advising events.

Workshops and training for STEM faculty and students. Using design-thinking, RISE facilitates workshops and trainings for faculty on learning innovations to enhance student success in STEM. See more about our workshops in “Stories.”