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photo of children from summer program

Welcome Staff!

Within this site is vast information that is important and useful to you. We hope you will develop a habit of checking this web site often and on occasion, contributing some information to share with other staff members.

In the Calendar section, we will be posting upcoming events such as staff meetings, training, etc.

We have added a Planning section in hopes that it will provide some helpful tips for your monthly planning. This includes web site links, recipes, craft ideas, new science experiments, etc. It is our goal that each of you will contribute something on a monthly basis, whether it be a web site link, science, craft, or cooking project. We will be sharing child development information within this page that you may include in your monthly newsletter to parents.

Our Community Chat area is for staff members seeking opinions from other staff regarding situations they encountered at their site. It is set up similar to the web site classes (for those who have ever taken one – this should come very easy) bulletin board. For example, if a staff member has a question on how to deal with a certain behavior situation of a child, she/he may post this scenario and receive feedback from others who want to share how they might have handled a similar situation.

We realize that with our SACC programs spread out over the city, it is easy to feel isolated and unsupported at times. This web site is a chance for us all to come together as a community and not just meet as clusters or when sites are combined. It is important that we all get to know and support one another. Realizing that personalities sometimes don’t mix together as well as we would like, we hope that each of you become a contributing member of this web site, because there is something good in all of us. It is important to remember that we are here for the benefit of the children, whose precious lives are influenced by their environment.