Registration & Forms

Enrollment: For each child enrolled, RRCC SACC requires a current registration form, immunization card, activity release form, sunscreen permission, and financial agreement. A qualified staff member must review these forms with the parent/guardian to orient them with the program. All forms are required within the first week of attending the program. Failure to comply with documentation requests may result in suspension of care or termination of the contract.

Registration: Program registration fees are $45 for one child or $90 per family. These fees are renewed at the time of registration for each new school year.

Registration Forms

Instructions: Please save as a pdf, sign with your mouse and email to If you are unable to sign with your mouse, type your name and the last 4 digits of your social security number. On all registration forms, please complete all fields. N/A is accepted. Your confirmation of payment also serves as your confirmation of registration. Contracts that do not have a registration fee will not be processed. 

Registration Forms 2016

If your need to make any contract changes, you may save the financial agreement as a pdf, sign with your mouse and email to

Please click to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader

​Monthly Calculation Calendars

Immunization Info

Please be sure you have filled out ALL of the necessary forms at your site and review them with your site manager.

The email address of your SACC location's Site Manager. Refer to this list: