Contact Information

Phone: 303.914.6655

Fax: 303.914.6811

Hours of Operation are posted at the Clinic

Provider / Director of Student Health: Johnna Jaynstein PA-C

Medical Assistant: Nicole Brown CMA

Medical Director/Supervising Physician: Tana Smith, MD

Part Time Physician Assistant: Ginger Stewart PA-C

Part Time MA: Andrea Hazzard CMA


The Student Health Clinic is located in the west end of the building between the fitness center and student life.


About Red Rocks Community College: We are a two-year college located in Lakewood, a surrounding area of Denver, and offer a serene foothills setting with wild life, rolling hills and mountain views. With the help of our supportive learning community of faculty and staff, we offer flexible online, weekend, self-paced, accelerated and traditional classes that transfer easily to any four-year college in Colorado.  RRCC is a community college that provides degrees and certificates for new or returning students, and concurrent enrollment for high school students since 1969.