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Student Health Clinic

Welcome to RRCC Student Health Clinic!

Services Provided Include:

  1. Annual physicals, Well women exams, and program physicals.

  2. Multiple sick visits or consultations as needed

  3. Evaluation and Treatment of Common Illnesses:
                • Upper and Lower Respiratory Illnesses
                            Ex: cough, bronchitis, pneumonia
                • Eye/Ear/Nose/Throat illnesses
                            Ex: sore throat, allergies, ear infections, eye infections, sinus complaints
                • Gastrointestinal
                            Ex: stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea
                • Musculoskeletal       
                            Ex:  ankle sprains, strains
                • Dermatologic
                            Ex: rashes, acne, minor wounds, burns
                • Genitourinary
                   Ex: STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), urinary tract infections, other infections of the genitalia

  4. Women’s Health: 
                 Ex:  family planning and counseling, pregnancy testing, well-woman exam with pap-smear

  5. Minor Procedures:
                  Ex: laceration repair, toe nail removal, evaluation of abscesses

  6. Preventative Healthcare: 
               • Diet and exercise counseling, smoking/tobacco cessation
               • Vaccinations and Seasonal Flu Shots

  7. Behavioral Health Services/Counselor - RRCC partners with Jefferson Center for Mental Health (JCMH) to provide behavioral health assessment, short-term counseling (up to 6 sessions per semester), and referral at no cost to its current students. Services are available at both campuses and are provided by a licensed clinician.

Prescriptions for non-controlled medicines to treat the stated conditions will be given if seen by a provider. 
Prescriptions must be filled at an outside pharmacy of your choice.

NO prescriptions for the following medications will be provided under ANY circumstances:
Narcotics, sleep aids, ADD/ADHD medicines, anti-anxiety or any mental health medicines

Payment for Procedures and Tests

While the cost of the office visit is covered, you will be charged for certain in-office procedures, tests, medications, and vaccines in order to cover the cost of materials. 

All external laboratory tests (including those needed to make a diagnosis during annual and well woman exams) must be paid for by the patient. 

This clinic does not take insurance of any kind

To schedule an appointment please call or visit the clinic and we are happy to assist you! Same-day scheduled walk-in appointments will be available:  We have prepared to meet your needs by reserving time throughout the day to see acutely ill patients. 

Urgent and Emergent Situations
We will triage urgent patients within our scope of practice. Patients may be transferred to the nearest emergency department or urgent care as determined by the provider. If you are experiencing a life threatening situation or illness, please call 911.

We are offering Vaccines
(Seasonal) Flu shots
TB testing
Please Come to Clinic for verification of pricing

If you are an online student or a student that does not pay fees you have the option to pay the Health Center fee.