Non-Resident Tuition

Tuition rates are set annually by the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education. These summary rates are effective for the Summer 2015 term (first column) and the Fall 2015 term (second column). Future terms and full tuition rate details can be found on the full Tuition and Fees Charts below.

Full Tuition and Fees Charts

Non-Resident On-Campus Tuition

(See below for the criteria needed to be considered a Colorado Resident)


Student Share of Non-Resident On-Campus tuition
(by semester)
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Spring & Summer 2016

Credit Hours




Total Cost













































































RRCC Online and CCCOnline Tuition


Student Share of RRCC Online/CCCOnline tuition per credit hour
(by semester, includes COF deduction)



Spring & Summer 2016



Non-Resident and WUE


NUR Online resident


NUR Online Non-resident




Nursing Courses (NUR)


 Student Share of Nursing tuition per credit hour
(by semester, includes COF deduction)



Spring & Summer 2016







Physician Assistant Program (PAP)


Student Share of Physician Assistant tuition per credit hour
(by semester, includes COF deduction)



Spring & Summer 2016







Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)


WUE tuition rate per credit hour
(by semester)



Spring & Summer 2016

WUE Non-Resident-on campus


WUE Non-Resident-online


The WUE rate is not available in the PA (Physician's Assistant) program.

Residency Classification

RRCC classifies you as a Colorado resident or non-resident (for tuition purposes) based on your admissions application. We determine your tuition classification by the first day of the term or within ten business days for applications processed after the first day. The information below provides guidelines to residency classification. However, final classification is based on a number of factors. Contact Janis Eagan in the Admissions office (303.914.6543) for additional information.

To qualify for resident tuition classification, you must be / demonstrate:

  • Permanent residence in Colorado one year prior to first day of term (age 23 and older).
  • Parent's permanent residence in Colorado one year prior to the first day of term (age 22 and under).
  • Married at least one year prior to the first day of the term (age 22 and under) and meet permanent residence requirements.
  • Active military duty in Colorado (includes children and spouse). Requires appropriate documentation.
  • Honorably discharged member of the Armed Services. Requires appropriate documentation.
  • Transferred to Colorado as part of economic incentive program-HB 1256 (includes children; not spouse). Requires appropriate documentation.
  • Emancipated minors (parents no longer provide support, care and custody; do not claim you on taxes). Requires a Petition for Tuition Classification.
  • Attendance a Colorado high school for three years and graduated immediately prior to applying at RRCC.
  • You earned a GED and resided in Colorado for three years immediately prior to applying to RRCC.

ASSET or DACA Students

This information is about Colorado ASSET/DACA classification, which allows eligible students without documentation to pay in-state, rather than out-of-state tuition, as well as receive the College Opportunity Fund stipend at Red Rocks Community College.

To Change Your Tuition Classification

  • If you previously attended RRCC as a non-resident, but now meet resident tuition requirements, complete a Petition for Tuition Classification..
  • If you feel you were misclassified on your application, contact Janis Eagan in the Admissions office (303.914.6543) or

For submission deadlines, please check the college calendar on our website.