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RRCC Payment Policy

Student Payment Agreement

Below is some important information on Understanding Your Student Account. Most general questions can be answered by choosing a topic below. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for from the information provided, please feel free to contact the Cashier's Office at 303-914-6222. Office Hours are Monday - Thursday from 9am - 6pm and Friday from 9am - 5pm.

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Tuition and Fee Payment

Each term the official due date is listed in the academic calendar.  Payment in full or approved alternative payment arrangements such as the payment plan, financial aid or third party sponsor (VA, Company or High School) need to be in place by the official due date. 

Due dates are based on when registration occurs and are NOT based on when the class starts.

  • If registration occurs before the full term drop date listed in the academic calendar, payment is due by the full term drop date.
  • If registration occurs after the first official due date, payment is due in full by the first of the following month.

All accounts not paid in full by the due date are subject to late fees.  All accounts not paid in full by the last day of the term are subject to collection action.

Financial Holds

Accounts that are not paid in full will have a financial hold added. A financial hold will prevent you from registering for other classes and keep you from withdrawing or dropping from classes online. If you have a hold you will only be able to drop or withdraw from classes for the current term by sending an email to: admissions@rrcc.edu or going to the admissions counter to complete a form PRIOR to the published deadline. No drops are processed by phone.

A hold will also prevent you from receiving an official transcript or receiving your diploma. If you do not drop your course(s) by the scheduled drop date and then choose to withdraw, you will still be responsible for paying the course charges in full. A hold will affect you at RRCC as well as ALL colleges within the Colorado Community College System (CCCS).

How to avoid a hold:

  • Sign up for the NBS Payment Plan. All accounts in good standing will automatically have the hold removed.
  • Turn in your third party voucher early.
  • Pay your account in full before the deadline.

Drop for Non-Attendance

Do not assume you have been dropped from a class for non-attendance.

You are responsible for dropping a class before the drop/refund date or you will be responsible for full payment. If you do not attend any class sessions between the start of the course and the census (drop) date of the course, you may be identified as a “no show” student by the faculty member and potentially dropped from the course.

Being dropped as a “no-show” student can have significant negative consequences for students using financial aid and/or veterans benefits. Students who are dropped for non-attendance will not be permitted back into the course.

You may drop a class online or by emailing: admissions@rrcc.edu from your college-issued student email account or by coming in person to the Admissions office.

Drops may NOT be made over the phone.

Late Fees

If your balance is not paid in full or if payment arrangements have not been set up by the scheduled due date listed in the calendar, your account will be assessed an initial $40.00 late fee and $10.00 reoccurring monthly late fees until it is paid in full or sent to collections.

Past Due Accounts

If your account is past due, you may not register for classes at RRCC or ANY of the colleges in the Colorado Community College System.

At the end of the term, outstanding accounts will be turned over to a collections agency in accordance with Colorado law, and collections costs of up to 40% will be added to your account balance. Past due accounts not paid by the due date may be subject to interest charges at 8% per year in accordance with Colorado law. Your delinquency will be reported to national credit bureaus. You will not be issued an official transcript or receive a diploma.


Once your account has been referred to collections you need to contact the collections agency you’ve been sent to and make payment arrangements or pay in full. The hold on your account will only be released after the account is paid in full and may take up to 3 business days. 

Collection Agency Contact Information:

  • Virtuoso Sourcing Group (VSG) – (888) 982-6703
  • National Credit Management (NCM) – (800) 526-3213
  • Central Collections Services (CCS) – (303) 866-6560 / (800) 221-2297