Veteran Advisory Council

We are dedicated to your educational needs.

Council Members

Brittany Bartges

  • Veteran Advocacy

  • Transition Assistance

  • Local, and National Resource Referrals

Military and Veteran Services Coordinator 

Dan Macy (Arvada Campus)

  • Semester Course Scheduling

  • Planning a Path to Graduation

  • Assisting with Preparation to Transfer

  • Recommending Resources

Student Advising

Donna Merriman

  • VA Chapter 33

  • Certifying Official for Veterans

  • VA Academic Advisor

  • Office of Student Records

Veteran Certification

Office of Accessibility Services

  • Counseling and Vocational Assessment

  • Academic Advising and Registration Assistance

  • Consultation with Instructors

  • Liaison with Rehabilitation Agencies and other Colorado Post Secondary Institutions

  • 303.914.6731

  • Office 1682

Dr. Merri Mattison

  • Veterans Club Advisor

Sociology Professor

Paul Gallagher

  • Veterans Club Advisor

  • English Prep 

Sociology Professor

Rita Case

  • Veteran Outreach 

  • Military Transcript Assistance

  • Transition Assistance  

Ernie Navarette

  • Outreach 

  • Veteran Advocacy 

  • Community Relations 

Coordinator of Outreach and Recruitment