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The RRCC Online Writing Center (OWC)

The Red Rocks Community College Online Writing Center opened for the Spring 2014 semester. Submissions can be sent twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Tutors' responses will be sent within 36 hours.

Red Rocks Community College’s Online Writing Center (OWC) is committed to helping students learn to write better. Our tutors, all of whom are fully qualified English instructors, are available to work with students in any subject area to improve their writing skills, offering them strategies and resources for succeeding in any kind of writing assignment, including essays, term papers, and essay exams.

Assignments may only be submitted twice in one week.  Essays longer than three pages and/or containing citations with documented sources may take 36 hours to be returned. Tutors can help students generate, organize, and develop topics, revise and edit with confidence, and observe conventions of format and documentation.

Who uses the Online Writing Center?
RRCC students, faculty, and staff interested in improving their writing may submit papers and grammar inquiries to the OWC.

When can I use the Online Writing Center?
The OWC is open twenty four hours a day,  seven days a week during the eight weeks of summer 2012 classes. Writing assignments sent to tutors will be reviewed and commented upon within 36 hours of receipt.

The aim of the OWC is to focus on the process of nurturing/developing/creating/forming more confident and competent writers, rather than help perfect the end product of a writing assignment.

Instruction yes, proofreading no.  We do not proofread (e.g. find and correct all the mistakes) or write for students.  Tutors will, however, show students how to find and correct mistakes. Our goal is to help students to become their own editors.

Be prepared. The better students understand and can explain to us their teacher’s expectations and the requirements of the writing task, the better we can help.

Be specific. When sending a paper to a tutor, students need to make their request(s) as specific as possible. For example, students should identify particular concerns about thesis, clarity, organization, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, etc.  If a paper is sent with only a request like “please check this over,” we cannot.

Start early.  Be good time managers so that we are able to help.  It will takeus twenty four hours to respond to an essay sent to us; if it is “due tomorrow,” students will not have the best advantage of our services.

We will refuse to respond to grading questions.  Although we provide resources and
 information to help improve students’ writing, we cannot discuss grades or evaluate papers.

Please evaluate us. We welcome comments and feedback to help us improve our services.

The Online tutors will help students in any of the college departments:

To determine an appropriate structure

To develop simple or academic outlines

To revise by their instructors’ directions

To improve detailing, expansion, and development of the essay

To identify patterns of grammar, usage, and punctuation errors

To identify slang or colloquial language

To consider stylistic improvements

To use a consistent and appropriate point of view (person for the assignment)

To learn methods of documentation, i.e. MLA, APA, Chicago (by examples/explanation)

The Online tutors will refuse:

To correct all errors in grammar, usage, or mechanics (“proofread” or “edit”)

To rewrite the students’ sentences

To change all the non-academic level vocabulary

To interpret a possible grade for any assignment

Please contact Johanna Iobst Carter for any questions or concerns about use of the Online Writing Center at 303.914.6321 and/or