Student Information

Student Intake Process

If you are a new student, you can come into the office for information relating to the intake process and the necessary steps for receiving accommodations.

Accessibility Services (AS) is located in Suite 1182 of the Learning Commons at the Lakewood Campus.  Appointments can be arranged at the Arvada campus, as well. 

New students can also make an intake appointment by calling: 303-914-6733.

Getting Ready for an Intake Appointment

Before scheduling your intake appointment, please fill out the forms below.

Student Information Form
Rights and Responsibilities Form

We also ask that before the appointment you collect disability information. You may already have disability information, such as a copy of an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), 504 Plan, or evaluation report. However, if you do not, you can have a service provider fill out a Disability Information Form (see below).  

Disability Information Form

The Disability Information Form can be used by the professional who diagnosed you or who is treating you to provide us with information that can help us determine the appropriate accommodations and supports for you. Please print out the form, give it to your professional and have the professional follow the instructions on the top of the form. The Disability Information Form is available in PDF:


In addition to accommodations, Accessibility Services provides additional support to students throughout their studies here at Red Rocks Community College. Some students may benefit from meeting periodically with one of our staff members to develop specific strategies for success.

All of the support offered by Accessibility Services is individualized and based on the student's specific needs as a result of her or his disability. Examples include:

  • Time management strategies
  • Advocacy-Help facilitating communication between you and your instructors
  • Study skill strategies
  • Note taking strategies
  • Referrals to additional on-campus support

Semester Process

A Semester Request Form is to be filled out and submitted via email prior to the beginning of each new semester. You can find the Semester Request Form on the Forms page.  For help filling out the request form, please stop by the office, email, or call 303-914-6733 or 720-336-3893 (VP) so that we may assist you.

Book Requests

The alternative format process generally takes 1 to 3 weeks from the date the request is received. Please be sure to request your books two to three weeks prior to the beginning of the new semester or as soon as you have registered for classes.

  • Students must have been approved for alternative media/materials during the intake
  • A semester Request Form must be submitted requesting Alternative Format as an accommodation
  • book agreement form has to be signed every semester prior to beginning of the semester
  • Students must own a physical copy of the textbook
  • proof of purchase or ownership is required
  • These requirements have to be met before the alternative format will be issued

If you meet these requirements and would like to get a jump start on your books, please complete a Semester Request Form and request books in alternate format. You may also contact or 303-914-6735 for any questions.

Textbook Information

For any information you may need about your textbooks, you may visit the bookstore textbook finder.

Alternatively, students can log into The Rock, then click on the "Student" tab. On the top left corner of the main content screen students will see the Student Schedule for the current semester or given the option to change to a later semester. Once on the correct semester, click the "Order Your Textbooks" link. This process will automatically pull up all the books required for each course students are enrolled in.