Action Projects

One of the goals of the AQIP pathway was to infuse the principles and benefits of continuous improvement and total quality management into the culture of colleges and universities. The Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle, an iterative four-step problem-solving sequence, is used in total quality management to improve business processes. The Action Projects listed below illustrate how Red Rocks Community college used the PDSA approach to continuously improve its teaching and learning environment.

AQIP Chart

Red Rocks Community College Action Projects

Communications to Reduce Silos - 2016pdf
First Year Experience (FYE) -2015pdf
Development and Assessment of Common Student Learning Outcomes – 2013 pdf
Analyze and Define Effective Strategy for Preserving Institutional Assessment Data – 2011pdf
Building a Diverse Campus – 2011pdf
Master Plan: Improve Space Utilization for Greater Efficiencies – 2011pdf
Using Data for Continuous Quality Improvement - 2010pdf
Expand Presence in Mountain Communities - 2009pdf
Collaboration Council - 2009pdf
Improve the Retention of a Diverse Campus Population - 2009pdf
Increase Number of Graduates-2006pdf
Tutors Without Borders - 2006pdf
Faculty Advising Pilot - 2006pdf
Assessment of Student Learning - 2005pdf