Systems Portfolio

The AQIP Systems Portfolio describes current practices, current levels of performance, and major systems critical to any successful higher education institution. Each institution’s Portfolio addresses all six AQIP categories:

  • Helping Students Learn
  • Meeting Student and Other Key Stakeholder Needs
  • Valuing Employees
  • Planning and Leading
  • Knowledge Management and Resource Stewardship
  • Quality Overview

2016 Systems PortfolioPDF

2012 Systems PortfolioPDF

2009 Updated Systems Portfolio OverviewPDF

2008 Systems PortfolioPDF

Upon receipt of our Portfolio, AQIP appoints a peer review Systems Appraisal team to conduct a rigorous and formal review of our systems. Following standardized evaluation procedures, the team produces a consensus Appraisal Feedback Report and submits it to RRCC.

AQIP Appraisal Feedback Report - August 2016PDF

2012 Systems Portfolio Appraisal Feedback ReportPDF

AQIP Appraisal Feedback Report – Executive Summary – October 5, 2012PDF

2008 Systems Portfolio Appraisal Feedback ReportPDF

RRCC 2017 Review Teams – HLC Criteria, Core Components,  and AQIP Portfolio Gaps

Combined Criteria and Portfolio CrosswalkPDF

Gaps to be Addressed in the CQR Quality Highlights ReportPDF