Career Assessment & Exploration Tools & Resources

What are career assessments?

  • Tools to discover more about who you are and assist you in making useful and insightful career choices.
  • Career assessments also give you an opportunity to explore career and college major options.

Assessments offered at Red Rocks Community College

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Profile (also known as the MBTI): The Myers-Briggs looks at your personal preferences in four areas of your life: what gives you energy, how you learn, how you make decisions, and how you get things done. You will receive a career report on your psychological type with a list of careers based on your personality preferences. This report will list job families and specific careers based on your responses. The Myers-Briggs is the most widely utilized career assessment tool in use worldwide today. Millions of individuals have benefited from its results, and it has been translated into 30 languages worldwide.
  • Strong Interest Inventory: The Strong looks at how your interests relate to those who are satisfied in their careers. You will be presented with a detailed report that includes a list of occupations based on your interests and responses.


The Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory are $20 each for students or RRCC Alumni and $30 for community members. Call Dan Macy at 303.914.6016 or e-mail at for an appointment and to arrange access to the assessments.

  • Choices CIC Advancer: This free career resource is available to all students and includes basic career interest, value, skills career assessments, a resume builder, and interview practice. Links to occupational information and videos (along with college educational program databases and other career and educational resources) make Choices Explorer and Planner user-friendly with many useful tools. To access visit, create an account, and log into either or both Choices Explorer or Planner. Explore the sites, take the assessments, and set up an appointment to discuss your findings and results.

For more information: Dan Macy, Career Counselor, 303.914.6016, or visit the Career Success Center.