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Benefits of an Apprenticeship Program

Do you want to increase employee retention and loyalty while reducing recruitment and training costs?  By establishing an apprenticeship program, your business will develop a diverse and well-trained candidate pipeline to meet your future talent needs.

Apprenticeships are long-term relationships, typically 1 - 4 years, unlike internships which tend to be shorter term and project based.  By adding an apprenticeship program to your career development and succession planning pathways, you receive a customized and intentional talent pipeline.  Use this tool to Calculate the return on investment you might expect from creating an apprenticeship program for your business and find additional apprenticeship ROI resources here

Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) is both the sponsor and a related technical instruction (RTI) provider for this program, allowing flexibility in tailoring partnerships to meet individual business needs.  The general outline of an apprenticeship contains the following components:

General apprenticeship program map

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Improve Your IT & Networking Employee Pipeline in 3 steps:

  1. Choose the education pathway for your prospective apprentices
    • IT/Desktop Support
    • Network & Systems
    • Cybersecurity
  2. Register your company as an employer partner with the Department of Labor (DOL)
  3. Hire new talent with targeted career development, resulting in increased retention rates!

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RRCC Cybersecurity Registered Apprenticeship Program Overview

The Red Rocks Community College Cybersecurity Registered Apprenticeship was approved by the US Department of Labor in May 2019.  Northrop Grumman was instrumental in developing the apprenticeship program and was also the initial employer partner.  Visits to campus, information sessions, workshops and interview events are just some of the opportunities employers have to interact with the RRCC student body as they develop their unique talent pool.

Our comprehensive Computer Technology department offers many stackable programs, including knowledge and skill development in the following areas:

Apprenticeship Pathway Example - Northrop Grumman

The program map below is an example of what each employer partner creates to turn promising student candidates at any stage of their education, into potential employees.  Click the image for a larger, more detailed view.

Northrup Grumman Program Map

Northrop Grumman's relationship with RRCC is longstanding and they had recruited high quality employees from our cybersecurity program for several years prior to helping create the framework of this program.  Northrop Gurmman visits campus regularly to build rapport with candidates prior to conducting annual interviews.

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