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Rachel Kohler


As the Founding Director of Camp Ember, I want to see investment into our young women and future leaders. The fire service is the perfect platform to promote the key values of service, leadership, courage, and personal strength – while they are dreaming about what they “can” be.


In high school, firefighting was not even remotely on the radar. I “stumbled” into this career in my 20’s, and have now served 15 years with West Metro Fire Rescue.  It is challenging, fun, and a tremendous service platform for my life - I hope some of the young women we meet agree with me!  I hold a Degree in Communication, with a Certificate in Leadership from Regis University.


Now for the fun stuff!  I’m passionate about music, I love to dance (lately Salsa), and I’m learning the violin/fiddle (bluegrass/folk). I sing outloud to popular country. I don’t have a television, instead I read, play music, or find myself in the mountains. I intermittently coach at a Crossfit gym. A river enthusiast, I regularly seek the healing properties of the water. I joke that my “real job” is with ArkAnglers (www.arkanglers.com), where I guide fly-fishing adventures from my boat.


Brooke Elder


I've been in the fire service for 7 years and a paramedic for 6. I'm a FF/Paramedic at Arvada Fire Protection District. I graduated from CSU with a Biology degree and worked in breast cancer research for 6 years. I decided to pursue a career in the fire service after an incredible crew helped my family in an emergency.


I wanted to provide that kind of kindness, support and service to others. I love my job. I love the eclectic nature of it, my amazing, fun and caring coworkers, the physical aspects and providing care and service to citizens. I have two incredible kids who are kind, funny, sarcastic and adventurous. I am a better person because of their love, encouragement and just plain awesomeness. I like exploring with my kids, world travel, mountain biking and rafting as much as possible, backpacking, camping, rock climbing, reading, yoga, all poetry by John Keats and Pablo Neruda, Indian food, buttercream frosting, cross fit (except for double unders), dogs, 90's hip hop, tattoos and crosswords. I'm honored to be a part of Camp Ember and can't wait to meet the 16 extraordinary young women in June.

Brooke Elder


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Emily Jury


Hi, my name is Emily Jury and I am a Firefighter Paramedic with Arvada Fire. Both my parents are retired from the EMS field and so I continue to carry on the tradition. I have been in the fire service for 14 years and have been a paramedic for 8. I have worked in the mountains and the city and love the diversity of calls both have to offer. I also worked in Antarctica and would love to go back sometime.


I absolutely love the outdoors and have a hard time sitting still so I like to occupy my time with rafting, mountain biking, hiking, traveling and anything else that keeps me moving. I love physical challenges (probably why I like the fire service) and enjoy the thought process of taking care of patients.


I look forward to meeting all of you and showing you how to overcome any challenge and gain confidence in trying new things.
See you soon,




Lakota Beckhorn


I’m Lakota and I am the Newbie!


I was just hired on with West Metro Fire Rescue in March of 2016. Firefighting embraces much of what is important to me – helpful and kind service to others, a team dynamic, getting to work with my hands, and a physical challenge.  I have a Degree in Anthropology from NCSU and a diverse work history ranging from special education to industrial construction.


Outside of fire I am an athlete, adventurer, and traveler. Rugby is my first love, as I have played competitively for 12 years. The sport requires a unique blend of strength, endurance, diversity, and respect which I am grateful has shaped my character. I am also a Tri-Athlete – I’ll be doing my second Half Ironman in June. I love backpacking (I actually came off of the Appalachian Trail after 350 miles to get my position at West Metro). I’m game for just about anything active and outdoors – especially if I can bring my dog, Slick!


I am extremely honored to be working with Camp Ember. I look forward to working with you all to embrace and enjoy new challenges, no matter what they may be.

Lakota Beckhorn, photo