Care Forward Colorado

Zero cost healthcare training


Ready for your next step? Launch your healthcare career with Care Forward Colorado!

Care Forward Colorado provides zero-cost, short-term healthcare training at a Red Rocks Community College. Most certificates can be completed in one year or less.  You can learn the skills to become a nurse aide, phlebotomy technician, medical assistant, dental assistant, integrative health practitioner, or emergency medical services.  

Why a career in healthcare?

Healthcare jobs are some of the fastest-growing in Colorado and provide a wage that can support you and your family. There’s also opportunity to advance in your career. Once you earn your certificate, you can continue your training at Red Rocks Community College to add to your skillset.

How does it work?

Starting in Fall 2022, students who enroll in one of the following healthcare certificate programs will have tuition, fees, and course materials covered as eligibility and Care Forward Colorado funding allows.

To qualify, eligible students must:

What programs are available at Red Rocks Community College?

As part of the Care Forward Colorado program, we offer the following certificate programs:

Ready to get started?

Email or call 303-914-6600 if you’re ready to enroll and Contact Financial Aid to see if you qualify. 

Questions?  Complete this inquiry form and we will contact you shortly.  

More About Care Forward Colorado

Care Forward Colorado is a state program funded through federal recovery dollars. To learn more, visit