Colorado Perkins

Federal Perkins funds are available to Colorado public secondary LEA’s (school districts, school district consortia) and postsecondary SEA’s (technical and community colleges) with CCCS approved CTE programs or that contract with another eligible recipient for CTE programs.  Schools must be eligible for Perkins funding and follow the spending and reporting guidelines.

Perkins Act Purposes

  • Increase opportunities for individuals to keep America competitive. Develop challenging academic and technical standards and related challenging, integrated (academic and CTE) instruction.
  • Prepare students for high skill, high-wage, or high demand occupations in current or emerging professions.
  • Promote partnerships between stakeholders (example stakeholders are: educational faculty, workforce boards, business/industry, and counselors).
  • Provide technical assistance and professional development to teachers/ instructors and administrators.
  • Increase state and local accountability.

The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) Career and Technical Education personnel have forged a Colorado Perkins vision and strategic plan regarding the use of federal funds appropriated from the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006. Perkins funds are directed solely to CTE programs and students.

Our access to these Perkins Federal dollars gives CCCS the opportunity to be leaders in providing
–Seamless education;
–Academic achievement;
–Increasing graduation rates at both the high school and the postsecondary levels; and
–Providing a well-educated workforce that can compete in a global economy.

Because the funds from this Act are grant funds, CCCS requires each Perkins eligible Local Recipient (community college, technical college, school district or school district consortium) to complete and follow an annual CCCS approved Local Plan for the use of Perkins funds. The funds are awarded on a reimbursement basis. The RRCC Local Plan is submitted and edited by the CTE Director as the college Perkins contact.

The Local Plan includes long-term and short-term strategic plan questions; a year-end analysis of the previous year’s Local Plan, and Funded Project pages.  Other logistical documents and processes are also managed through the annual Local Plan (general assurances, authorization/ signature pages, first installment/award packet documents, and vouchers).

A Funded Project is a collection of action step descriptions and cost estimates that support a single Project Objective. The Project Objective must be one of the Perkins Performance Metrics and all action steps that support that Metric must be included in that Funded Project.  Local Plans may have more than one Funded Project but each Funded Project must have a unique first Project Objective. Each action step description must include at least three elements:

  • What action will be done (“Do X”);
  • What result is expected (“To accomplish Y”); and
  • A detailed explanation or clarification of how this supports the Performance Metric that was selected as the first Funded Project Objective.

The local eligible recipient is responsible for the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of CCCS approved Career and Technical Education programs. The local eligible recipient is also responsible for the management of the annual Perkins Grant awarded funds; adherence and implementation of their CCCS approved Perkins Local Plan; and continued attention to Perkins processes and deadlines.

At RRCC all submitted Perkins plans are reviewed to ensure that federal grant guidelines are followed and that the request meets at least one Performance Metric. All applications are then reviewed and rated as to the strength of the request by the Perkins Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board also works to review processes and forms each year for revision and improvement.

(Information Provided by the Colorado Community College System)