Program Approvals

Program Approval Authority

The purpose of the program review process is to ensure a program meets the criteria outlined by the SBCCOE in the Colorado Technical Education Act, Colorado Revised Statues (CRS) 23-8-103, State System of Community Colleges and Occupational Education CRS 23-60-202, CRS 301-307, Board Policy and the Colorado State Perkins Plan.

General Procedures & Requirements

  • The primary program approval contact for each institution will be the CTE Director for secondary entities and the Vice President of Instruction or their designee for postsecondary institutions

  • Final CIP code designation for secondary programs will be at the determination of the appropriate Program Director. For postsecondary programs, appropriate program directors will recommend the CIP code to CDHE for final approval.
  • Program names will be common as determined by the CIP code.
  • If a program approval is denied or revoked, the requesting institution may appeal in writing to the CCCS Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs or their designee within 60 days of receipt of notification of denial or revocation
  • In most cases, if a new program request is approved, it will result in an Officially Approved program request status code. Occasionally, a new program request may be approved with a Conditionally Approved (One-Year) program request status code.
  • Once a program request is approved, an Active program status is assigned to the program. Eligible Active programs have full access to Perkins and CTA (secondary only) funds and are subject to approved program requirements.
  • Programs may not be revised for 90 days following new, revision, or renewal approval Exceptions may be granted for exceptional circumstances by the Dean of Career & Technical Education
  • All active programs are required to meet annual VE-135 student enrollment and follow-up reporting requirements. This reporting is required for both program renewals and CTE funding

CTE Program Approval and Renewal

After five years from initial approval, programs must be renewed. Renewal requires the following documents on file:

1. Program Five Year Plan

1. Advisory Board minutes, 2 years on file and the list of the members with job titles

2. Program Plan of Study – Plan of Study guidelines for college and secondary programs.

3. Program 5 year plan

4. Review of the five year trend reports for your program.  This is also part of your VE-135 data.  Visit the CCCS Reports website and scroll to the five year trend report links. See above highlighted area.

a. Program Completer

b. Job Placement rates for program completer


What types of information will you need to complete the program request process?

You should gather together the following types of information before you begin:


You will need the email addresses of any other people that you would like us to include in the contact list for this web request.


You will need to have general information about the program, such as its name, description, program area, CIP code, the program length, and the type of degree to be awarded.


You will need a list of courses for the program as well as detailed course information such as the certificate or degree title, course number, course title, course description, course hours (either contact hours or credit hours), and length of program in weeks for financial aid eligible awards. If your courses are in the Common Course Numbering database then you will only need the course number to look them up with.


You will need some information on the supply and demand evaluation and some evidence that the program is not duplicated.


You will need the percent average of passing rates on state/national tests over the last 5 years.


You will need your Advisory Committee Chair's contact information such as a name, phone number, and email address.


You will need to give some information about articulation with other schools such as the institution name, a contact at that institution and the year.


You will need to keep a copy of your program's five year plan on file.


You will need your Program Plan of Study on file.


There will be other questions about your program on the forms, but the above materials should be all you will need to gather before filling out the information requested.

It is very important that you collect all the information designated to be saved "on file" and keep it along with a printed copy of the Review page. Your program may be audited by a Compliance Manager and it may be put on probation if your required materials are missing.

If you have any questions about the information needed, please contact Rita Stoffel. you can find her contact information under the contact information link on this page.