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Marlene Adzema

Associate Professor, Communication

M.A., Montclair State University, 1993; B.A., Montclair State University, 1991

Donna Armelino

Associate Professor, Business

M.S., Regis University, 1993; B.S. B.A., Regis University, 1991; A.A.S., Front Range Community College, 1990

John Arnsparger

Faculty Emeritus, Accounting

M.B.Ed., University of Colorado, 1972; B.B.A., Ohio University, 1968

Stephanie Bacon

Faculty, Physician Assistant Program

M.S., University of Kansas, 1981; B.S., University of Nebraska, 1990; B.S., Colorado State University, 1979; B.A., Augustana College, 1977

Dean Barchers

Professor, Math

M.S., University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 1998; B.S., Oklahoma Christian University, 1990

Sheryl Beaton

Faculty, Chemistry

M.S., University of Colorado, 1988; Secondary Teaching Certificate, University of Colorado, 1988; B.S., University of Illinois-Urbana, 1982; A.S., Belleville Area College, 1980

Stephanie Berg Oram

Professor, Music

D.M.A., University of Colorado, 1990; M.M., Peabody Conservatory, 1982; M.A., University of Michigan, 1972; B.A., University of Michigan, 1970

Marjorie Berman

Faculty, History

Ph.D., University of Colorado, 1980; M.A., University of Colorado, 1974; B.A., Case Western Reserve University, 1972

Jeanne Bird

Faculty, Physician Assistant Program

M.S., University of Nebraska Medical Center, 1998 B.S., Bellevue University, 1997

Wendy Bird

Faculty, Business

J.D., Wayne State University, 1993; B.A., Saginaw Valley State University, 1989

Kent Blevins

Faculty, Sonography

M.M., Southern Oregon University, 2002; B.S., Midwestern State University, 1992; A.S., Midwestern State University, 1992;

Amy Braziller

Professor, English

M.A., New York University, 1993; B.A., Empire State College, 1990

Bob Brown

Faculty, Fire Science

B.A., Regis University, 2004

Steve Brown

Faculty, Emergency and Medical Services

A.A.S., Red Rocks Community College, 2003

Amy Buckingham

Faculty, Psychology

M.A., University of Denver, 1999; B.S., University of Vermont, 1996

Peggy Burrus

Faculty, Business Technology

B.S., Oklahoma State University, 1975

Christie Burton

Faculty, Computer Information Systems/Computer Science

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer; Microsoft Certified Trainer

Marty Calderone

Faculty, Math

M.S., Northern Arizona University, 1996; B.A., University of Alaska, 1991; B.A., University of Alaska, 1979

Eleanor Camaan

Associate Professor, Geology

Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 2005; B.S., University of Texas at Austin, 1999; B.S., Georgetown University, 1990

Johanna Carter

Associate Professor, English

M.A., George Mason University, 1980; B.S., West Chester State College, 1970

Sara Chism

Faculty, Radiology

Cert., St. Anthony Hospital School of Radiologic Technology, 1983

Soomin Chun-Hess

Faculty, Political Science

M.A., University of California at Santa Barbara, 2005; B.A. University of California at Santa Barbara, 1998

Colleen Cleary–Doone

Faculty, Nursing

B.S., Metro State University, 2003

Alexis Clements

Faculty, Multimedia Graphic Design

B.A., Art Institute of Colorado, 2005

Gayle Crane

Faculty, Chemistry

Ph.D., University of Wyoming, 1994; B.A., Chadron State College, 1989

Paige Cudworth

Faculty, Math

M.A., University of Colorado Boulder, 2009; B.A., Willamette University, 2007

Sherry Messina Dewald

Professor, Communication Studies

Ph.D., University of Denver, 2002; M.A., University of South Dakota, 1977; B.A., University of Illinois, 1974

Christa Dobbs

Faculty, Physician Assistant Program

M.S., University of Nebraska Medical Center, 2005 B.S., University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, 1994

Heather Duncan

Faculty, Math

M.A.T., Northern Arizona University, 2001; B.A., Fort Lewis College, 1998

Courtney Edwards

Faculty, English

M.A., Western Carolina University, 2007; B.A. Appalachian State University, 1999

Kerry Edwards

Professor, Philosophy

Ph.D., Iliff School of Theology/ University of Denver, 1989; M.Rel., Wycliffe College, Toronto School of Theology/ University of Toronto, 1981; B.A., Roberts Wesleyan College, 1977

Craig Faulhaber

Faculty, Math

M.S., University of Colorado Boulder, 2005; B.S., Washington University in St Louis, 2003

Tim Floyd

Faculty, Emergency & Public Services

B.S., Metropolitan State College, 1992

Christina French

Faculty, English

M.A. Virginia Technical University, 2001; B.A., Virginia Technical University, 1998

Michael Fulks

Associate Professor, Multimedia

M.A.Ed., Seton Hall University, 1975; B.A., University of Colorado Boulder, 1973

Paul Gallagher

Faculty, English

M.F.A., University of North Carolina Wilmington, 1998; B.A., University of North Carolina Wilmington, 1994

Candace Garrod

Professor, Computer Information System/ Computer Science

M.Ed., Colorado State University,1992; B.Ed., Colorado State University, 1986

Art Gomez

Faculty, Fire Science

A.A.S., Red Rocks Community College, 2004

Tracy Gray

Faculty, Biology

M.S., University of Arkansas, 1999; B.S.E., University of Arkansas, 1987

Bill Haas

Professor, Physical Education & Park Ranger Technology

M.A., University of Northern Colorado, 1998; B.A., LaSalle University, 1970

Thomas Harrop

Faculty, Multimedia

M.S., Brooks Institute of Photography, 1999; B.A., Brooks Institute of Photography, 1983

Nora Hebert

Faculty, Biology

Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1990; A.B., University of California at Berkeley, 1983

Meredith Hibit

Faculty, Foreign Language

M.A., University of Kansas, 2002; B.A., University of Kansas, 1999

Craig Hilton

Faculty Emeritus, Art

Licensed Master Plumber

Lynnette Hoerner

Faculty, Astronomy and Physics

M.S., University of Texas, Dallas, 1989; B.S., Colorado School of Mines, 1986

Chris Howell

Faculty, History

M.A., University of Texas at Austin, 1998; B.A., University of Texas at Austin, 1996

Pamela Jamruszka-Mencher

Professor, Speech

M.F.A., University of Wisconsin, 1981; B.A., Montana State University, 1978

Andrew Johnston

Faculty, Business / Accounting

M.B.A, Regis University, 1995; B.A., University of Colorado Denver, 1992

Carla Joy

Faculty Emeritus, History

M.A., University of Denver, 1969; A.B., Loretto Heights College, 1967

Steven Kaye

Associate Professor, Biology

M.Ed., University of Hawaii, 1984; B.A., University of Hawaii, 1981

Janiece Kneppe

Faculty, Early Childhood Education

M.A., Concordia University, 2005

Nicole Lacroix

Faculty, English

M.A., Texas A&M University, 2004; B.A., Western Michigan University, 1993

Sharon Lantz

Associate Professor, K-12 Teacher Education

M.S., University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1996; M.A., University of Northern Colorado, 1979; B.S., Northern Arizona University, 1973

Terri Lukavitch

Professor, Criminal Justice

M.A., University of Northern Colorado, 1986; B.A., University of Northern Colorado, 1978

Jonas Mabey

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

M.A., St. Johns College, 2000; M.A., St. Johns College, 1998; B.A., Bemidji State University, 1996

Barbra Maher

Assistant Professor, Physics

M.S., University of Arizona, 1994; B.S., Austin Peay State University, 1992; A.S., San Jacinto College, 1989

Elyse Marsh

Associate Professor, English

M.F.A., University of Iowa; 2004 B.A., Smith College, 1998

Merri Mattison

Faculty, Sociology

M.S.W., Canyon College, 2006; M.A., Central Michigan University, 1997; B.S., Central Michigan University, 1991; A.S., Gogebic Community College, 1984

John McWilliams

Faculty, Water Quality Management

B.S., Metropolitan State College, 1976; A.A.S., Red Rocks Community College, 1987

David Nelson

Faculty Emeritus, History

Ph.D., University of Denver, 1969; M.A., University of Denver, 1964; B.A., University of Denver, 1963

Toni Nicholas

Faculty, History

M.A., University of Vermont, 2003; B.A., University of North Carolina-Greensboro, 1998

Thomas Niehoff

Professor, Math

M.S., University of Colorado at Denver, 1991; B.S., University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, 1981; A.A., Florida Junior College at Jacksonville, 1977

Niki Nolles

Professor, English

M.A., University of Nevada-Las Vegas, 1980; B.A., University of Nevada-Las Vegas, 1976

Fawn Oates

Faculty, Psychology

M.A., University of Denver, 1999; B.A., Sonoma State University, 1997; A.A., Modesto Junior College, 1995

Delia Ochoa

Faculty, Engineering Graphics

M.E. Tech in Ed, Lesley University 2011; B.A., Arte AC I Techologico de Monterrey, 1987; A.A.S. Interior Design, Arte AC I Technologico de Monterrey, 1986; A.A.S. Interior Design, CEDIM, 1985

Linnie Pawlek

Faculty, History

M.A., University of Colorado at Denver, 2006; B.A., Wofford College, 1999

Cathy Rock

Faculty, Construction Technology

Certificate of Construction Management, San Jose State University, 1990; B.A., Bucknell University, 1975

Berndt Savig

Assistant Professor, Art

M.F.A., University of Southern Mississippi, 2002; B.A., University of Northern Colorado, 1988

Julie Schneider

Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems/Computer Science

B.A., University of Northern Colorado, 1997

Walt Schreibman

Professor Emeritus, Psychology

M.S., Purdue University, 1969; B.A., University of Colorado, 1967

Rebecca Smith

Faculty, English

M.A., University of Colorado Denver, 2007; B.A., The Ohio State University, 1996

Larry Snyder

Associate Professor, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration

Renewable Rnergy Technology Refrigerant Transition and Recovery Certification, Ferris State University; Class A Mechanical License, City of Boulder; National Center for Construction Education and Research Certification in HVAC and Electrical

Daniel Sohl

Faculty, Math

M.S., University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 2008; B.S., Buena Vista University, 2004

Ellen Speare

Associate Professor, Health Careers

B.A., San Jose State University, 1976; A.A., Foothill College, 1973

John Sperling

Professor Emeritus, Carpentry

B.S., University of Colorado, 1970

Sally Stablein

Faculty, Social Sciences

M.A., Humboldt State University, 2001; B.A., California State University San Marcos, 1998; A.A., Palomar Community College, 1995

John D. Stanesco

Professor Emeritus, Geology

M.A., University of Northern Colorado, 1974; B.A., Regis College, 1968

Rita Stoffel

Associate Professor, Medical Assisting

M.B.A., University of St. Thomas, 1985; B.S., University of Minnesota, 1978

Irina Strelnikova

Faculty, Economics

M.A., Colorado State University, 2003; B.A., Colorado State University, 2000

Keith Swain

Faculty, Psychology

Psy.D, California Coast University, 2004; M.A., Lesley University, B.A., Columbus State University, 1980

Rich Thatcher

Professor, Electricity Industrial/Commercial

Licensed Master Electrician; A.A.S., Red Rocks Community College, 1997 B.U.S., The University of Tennessee, 2005

Bob Thomas

Associate Professor, Art

M.F.A., University of Denver, 1972; B.F.A., Herron School of Art, Indiana University, 1969

Bill Thompson

Teacher, Mathematics

M.S., New Mexico State University, 1971; B.S., New Mexico State University, 1969

Peter Titus

Faculty, Physician Assistant Program

M.B.A., University of Phoenix, 1986; B.H.S., Duke University Medical Center, 1977

Robert Vroman

Associate Professor, Emergency Services

M.Ed., Colorado State University, 2011; B.S., Western Carolina University, 1996

Troy Wanek

Faculty, Energy

B.S.B.A., University of Phoenix, 1998 A.A.S., Red Rocks Community College, 1989

Carol Wilsey

Faculty, Math

M.N.M., Regis University, 2005; M.S., The University of Iowa, 1986; B.A., Carleton College, 1984

James Winter

Faculty, Philosophy

Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles, 2009; C.Phil., University of California at Los Angeles, 2002; M.A., Columbia University, 1995; B.A., Hampshire College, 1989

John Witwer

Faculty, Physician Assistant Program

M.D., Cornell University Medical College, 1966; B.A., Amherst College, 1962

Kelly Worden

Faculty, Biology

Ph.D., University of California, 2006; B.S., University of Puget Sound, 1997;

Janice Worthem

Faculty, Law Enforcement Training

M.S., University of Baltimore, 1993 B.A., University of Maryland, 1988

Brian Yates

Faculty, Spanish

M.A., Villanova University, 2008; B.A., Yale University, 2000

Laura A. Zeeman

Associate Professor, Anthropology, Geography, History

M.A., University of Wisconsin, 1979; B.A., Southern Connecticut State University, 1977

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Academic Catalog

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Academic Calendar Fall 2012 – Summer 2013

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Course Descriptions

AAA – Academic Achievement Courses

ACC – Accounting Courses

ACT – Automotive Collision Technology Courses

AEC – Architecture, Engineering and Construction Courses

ANT – Anthropology Courses

ARA – Arabic Courses

ARM – Military Science Courses (U.S. Army ROTC)

ART – Art Courses

ASE – Automotive Service Technology Courses

ASL – American Sign Language Courses

AST – Astronomy Courses

AUT - Auto Motorsports Technology Courses

BIO – Biology Courses

BTE– Business Technology Courses

BUS – Business Courses

CAD – Computer-Aided Drafting Courses

CAR – Carpentry Courses

CHE – Chemistry Courses

CIS – Computer Information Systems Courses

CMD – Communication Disorders Courses

CNG – Computer Networking Courses

COM – Communication Courses

CON – Construction Technology Courses

COS – Cosmetology Courses

CRJ – Criminal Justice Courses

CSC – Computer Science Courses

CUA – Culinary Arts Courses

CWB – Computer Web Courses

DAN – Dance Courses

DEA - Dental Assisting Courses

DMS – Diagnostic Medical Sonography Courses

DPM – Diesel Courses

ECE – Early Childhood Education Courses

ECO – Economics Courses

EDU – Education Courses

EGT – Engineering Graphics Technology Courses

EIC – Electricity Industrial/Commercial/Residential Courses

EMP – Emergency Management and Planning Courses

EMS – Emergency Medical Services Courses

ENG – English Courses

ENT – Engineering Technology Courses

ENV – Environmental Science Courses

ENY – Energy Technology Courses

ESL – English as a Second Language Courses

EST – Esthetician Courses

FIW – Fine Woodworking Courses

FRE – French Courses

FST – Fire Science Technology Courses

GED – General Education Courses

GEO – Geography Courses

GER – German Courses

GEY – Geology Courses

GIS – Geographic Information Systems Courses

HEM – Heavy Equipment Mechanics Courses

HHP – Holistic Health Professional Courses

HIS – History Courses

HPR – Health Professional Courses

HUM – Humanities Courses

HVA – Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Courses

HWE – Health and Wellness Courses

IND – Interior Design Courses

IMA – Industrial Maintenance Technology Courses

ITA – Italian Courses

JOU – Journalism Courses

JPN – Japanese Courses

LEA – Law Enforcement Academy Courses

LIT – Literature Courses

MAC – Machining Courses

MAN – Management Courses

MAR – Marketing Courses

MAT – Mathematics Courses

MET – Meteorology Courses

MGD – Multimedia Graphic Design Courses

MIL – Milwright Courses

MOT – Medical Office Technology Courses

MUS – Music Courses

NAT – Nail Technician Courses

NRE – Natural Resources Courses

NUA – Nurse Aide Courses

NUR – Nursing Courses

OSH – Occupational Safety Technician Courses

PAP – Physician Assistant Program Courses

PED – Physical Education Courses

PER – Physical Education and Recreation Courses

PHI – Philosophy Courses

PHO – Photography Courses

PHY – Physics Courses

PLU – Plumbing Courses

POS – Political Science Courses

PPT – Power Plant Technology Courses

PRA – Park Ranger Courses

PRO – Process Technology Courses

PSY – Psychology Courses

REA – Reading Courses

REE – Real Estate Courses

RTE – Radiologic Technology Courses

RUS – Russian Courses

SBM – Small Business Management Courses

SCI – Science Courses

SOC – Sociology Courses

SPA – Spanish Courses

SVT – Sport Vehicle Technology Courses

TEC – Technical Courses

THE – Theatre Arts Courses

WEL – Welding Courses

WQM – Water Quality Management Technology Courses

WTG Wind Turbine Generation Courses

WTG 100 Introduction to Wind Industry

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