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Certificates can require as few as five credits and also may count toward a two- or four-year degree.

  1. You must earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.0. Some programs may require at least a C in specified courses.
  2. You must complete at least 50 percent of your coursework at RRCC to receive a certificate.
  3. The college reserves the right to substitute or delete courses in a degree or certificate program.


Accounting Fundamentals

Bookkeeping Clerk

Accounting Clerk

Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration:

Air Conditioning

Level I Refrigeration

Level II Refrigeration


HVAC Fundamentals

HVAC Controls Technician

Forced-Air Heating

Hydronic Heating

HVAC Energy Efficiency

Energy and HVAC

Auto Collision Technology:

(In cooperation with and taught at WarrenTech)

Automotive Collision Industry Introduction

NATEF Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair

NATEF Painting and Refinishing

NATEF Structural Analysis and Damage Repair

Estimating and Management

Automotive Customization

(In cooperation with and taught at WarrenTech)

Metal Fabrication

Chassis Fabrication

Custom Body Work

Custom Refinishing

Automotive Service Technology:

(In cooperation with and taught at WarrenTech)

Lubrication and Tire Service

Manual Drive Train and Axles

Brake Specialist

Automatic Transmission/Transaxles

Suspension and Steering

Engine Performance

Heating and Air Conditioning

Electrical and Electronic Systems

Engine Repair

Auto Parts Specialist


Business Foundations

Management and Supervision

Real Estate

Registered Appraiser

Small Business Start Up


Residential Remodeling

Advanced Remodeling

Home Energy Efficiency

Computer Information Systems:

CISCO Network Associate

Computer Support Technician

Cyber Security Specialist

Game Development

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)

Microsoft SQL Server Administrator

Microsoft Windows Server

Network Specialist

PC Applications Specialist

Programming Specialist

Web Development


(In cooperation with and taught at WarrenTech)




Esthetician (skin)

Culinary Arts

(In cooperation with the Rocky Mountain Chefs of Colorado and taught at WarrenTech)

Early Childhood Education:

Preschool Early Childhood Teacher

Infant/Toddler Early Childhood Teacher

Director, Early Childhood Education

Electricity Commercial/Industrial/Residential:

Electrical Installation

National Electrical Code

Electrical Codes and Standards

Residential Construction Electrician

Construction Electrician

Advanced Construction Electrician

Maintenance Electrician

Introduction to Instrumentation and Controls Technician

Advanced Instrumentation and Controls Technician

Advanced Maintenance Electrician

Fire Alarm Code

Introduction to Fire Alarm Technician

Fire Alarm and Detection Technician

Post-Degree Specialization for Advanced Fire Code

Post-Degree Specialization for Advanced Construction Electrician

Post-Degree Specialization for Advanced Maintenance Electrician

Emergency Management and Planning

Emergency Management and Planning

Fundamentals of Emergency Management

Emergency Medical Services:

Emergency Medical Technician

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician


Engineering Graphics Technology:




Intro to AutoCAD


Drafting (pending approval)


Sustainable Design Applications

Fine Woodworking:

Woodworking Fundamentals




Contemporary Furniture Fundamentals

Fine Furniture Craftsman

Contemporary Furniture Craftsman


Post-Degree Advanced Craftsman


Advanced Wood Turner

Luthier Technician

Luthier Fundamentals

Fire Science Technology:

Fire Fighter I

Fire Instructor

Fire Officer I

Fire Officer II

Fire Officer III

Fire Inspector

Holistic Health:

Holistic Health Practitioner


Law Enforcement:

Basic Law Enforcement Academy (P.O.S.T. Certification)

Mechanical Trades:

Basic Mechanical Skills

Advanced Mechanical Skills

Heating Specialties

Medical Office Technology:

Medical Assisting

Medical Office

Medical Billing/Coding

Multimedia Graphics Design:

Graphic Design and Print Production

Video Production

Web Design

Advanced Web Design

Professional Photography: Traditional Film

Professional Photography: Digital Photography

Professional Photography: Traditional Film and Digital Photography

Digital Media Journalism


Nurse Aide

RN Refresher Program

Outdoor Recreation Leadership:

Winter Skills Specialist

Water-based Skills Specialist

Mountaineering Skills Specialist

Outdoor Recreation Generalist

Park Ranger Technology:

Law Enforcement

Introduction to Park Ranger Technology

Outdoor Recreation

Resource Interpretation


Physician Assistant


Plumbing Service

Power Equipment and Sports Vehicle Technology:

Power Equipment Maintenance Technician

Sports Vehicle Maintenance Technician

Precision Machining Technology:

(In cooperation with and taught at WarrenTech)

Machine Shop Fundamentals

Lathe Operator

Mill Operator

CNC Lathe Operator

CNC Mill Operator

Process Technology: (currently suspended)

Introduction to Process Plant Safety (currently suspended)

Radiologic Technology:

Computed Tomography (CT)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)


Bone Densitometry

Renewable Energy Technology:

Grid Tie Entry Level

Advanced Photovoltaic Installation

Solar Photovoltaic Designer

Solar Thermal Entry Level

Solar Thermal Installer

Solar Thermal Designer

Post EIC Degree Solar Photovoltaic

Post HVA Degree Solar Thermal

Energy Auditing

Energy Efficiency Weatherization


Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Vascular Technology

Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography

Teacher Education:


Adult Basic Education Authorization (ABEA)

Theatre Arts:

Costume Basics

Costume and Fashion

Stagehand Basics


Water Quality Management:

Education and Experience

Introduction to Water Treatment

Introduction to Wastewater Treatment

Mathematics in Water Quality

Laboratory Analysis

Distribution and Collection Systems

Advanced Water Treatment Certification

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Certification

Source Control and Water Audit


(In cooperation with and taught at WarrenTech)

OFW and OFC Certificate

SMAW Certificate

GMAW Certificate

FCAW Certificate

GTAW Certificate

Wind Energy Technology: (currently suspended)

Introduction to Wind Energy Technology

Wind Energy Safety

Wind Energy Basic Electro-Mechanical

Wind Energy Advanced Electrical

Wind Energy Advanced Mechanical

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AAA – Academic Achievement Courses

ACC – Accounting Courses

ACT – Automotive Collision Technology Courses

AEC – Architecture, Engineering and Construction Courses

AGR – Agriculture Courses

ANT – Anthropology Courses

ARA – Arabic Courses

ARM – Military Science Courses (U.S. Army ROTC)

ART – Art Courses

ASE – Automotive Service Technology Courses

ASL – American Sign Language Courses

AST – Astronomy Courses

AUT - Auto Motorsports Technology Courses

BIO – Biology Courses

BTE– Business Technology Courses

BUS – Business Courses

CAD – Computer-Aided Drafting Courses

CAR – Carpentry Courses

CHE – Chemistry Courses

CIS – Computer Information Systems Courses

CMD – Communication Disorders Courses

CNG – Computer Networking Courses

COM – Communication Courses

CON - Construction Technology Courses

COS – Cosmetology Courses

CRJ – Criminal Justice Courses

CSC – Computer Science Courses

CUA – Culinary Arts Courses

CWB – Computer Web Courses

DAN – Dance Courses

DEA - Dental Assisting Courses

DMS – Diagnostic Medical Sonography Courses

DPM – Diesel Courses

ECE – Early Childhood Education Courses

ECO – Economics Courses

EDU – Education Courses

EGT – Engineering Graphics Technology Courses

EIC – Electricity Industrial/Commercial/Residential Courses

EMP – Emergency Management and Planning Courses

EMS – Emergency Medical Services Courses

ENG – English Courses

ENT – Engineering Technology Courses

ENV – Environmental Science Courses

ENY – Energy Technology Courses

ESL – English as a Second Language Courses

EST – Esthetician Courses

FIW – Fine Woodworking Courses

FRE – French Courses

FST – Fire Science Technology Courses

GED – General Education Courses

GEO – Geography Courses

GER – German Courses

GEY – Geology Courses

GIS – Geographic Information Systems Courses

HEM – Heavy Equipment Mechanics Courses

HHP – Holistic Health Professional Courses

HIS – History Courses

HPR – Health Professional Courses

HUM – Humanities Courses

HVA – Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Courses

HWE – Health and Wellness Courses

IND – Interior Design Courses

IMA – Industrial Maintenance Technology Courses

ITA – Italian Courses

JOU – Journalism Courses

JPN – Japanese Courses

LEA – Law Enforcement Academy Courses

LIT – Literature Courses

MAC – Machining Courses

MAN – Management Courses

MAR – Marketing Courses

MAT – Mathematics Courses

MET – Meteorology Courses

MGD – Multimedia Graphic Design Courses

MIL – Milwright Courses

MOT – Medical Office Technology Courses

MUS – Music Courses

NAT – Nail Technician Courses

NRE – Natural Resources Courses

NUA – Nurse Aide Courses

NUR – Nursing Courses

OSH – Occupational Safety Technician Courses

OUT - Outdoor Education Courses

PAP – Physician Assistant Program Courses

PED – Physical Education Courses

PER – Physical Education and Recreation Courses

PHI – Philosophy Courses

PHO – Photography Courses

PHY – Physics Courses

PLU – Plumbing Courses

POS – Political Science Courses

PPT – Power Plant Technology Courses

PRA – Park Ranger Courses

PRO – Process Technology Courses

PSY – Psychology Courses

REA – Reading Courses

REC - Recreation Courses

REE – Real Estate Courses

RTE – Radiologic Technology Courses

RUS – Russian Courses

SBM – Small Business Management Courses

SCI – Science Courses

SOC – Sociology Courses

SPA – Spanish Courses

SVT – Sport Vehicle Technology Courses

TEC – Technical Courses

THE – Theatre Arts Courses

WEL – Welding Courses

WQM – Water Quality Management Technology Courses

WTG Wind Turbine Generation Courses

WTG 100 Introduction to Wind Industry

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