Claro Past Issues

2015 Edition
Inside this edition: exploring gay space; coloring colorful Drag Queens; snapping Sexy Selfies; plotting female pleasure; analyzing The Fault in Our Stars; preventing traumatic brain injury; Hamlet meets The Godfather; Romeo meets Lloyd Dobbler; shoes make the woman; schoolhouse confessions; the water behind beer making; a defense of MMORPGs and tiny houses; a criticism of faith-based healing; multiple personalities and the writing process; Inanna and Dumuzi at the grocery store; & move over, Coppola.

2014 Edition
Inside this edition: Engineering the genome and empowering princesses; (re)scripting Native-American and Gypsy culture; preparing for emergencies, zombie-style; creating access to healthcare for rural community-college students; art vs. decay; child labor vs. education; visiting China and holding out hope for North Korea; scars and cars; student-debt debacles; determining water’s quality for drinking and alternative agriculture; the fundamental physics of projectile potatoes.

2013 Edition
Inside this edition: A portrait of The Bomb as a young boy; carnivores lost in food deserts; aromatherapy for PTSD; moderating marijuana; chasing the Greenback trout; baseball as therapy; Englewood’s infamous Cherrelyn Bronco; & first and future flights.

2012 Edition
Inside this edition: singing to the mountains and climbing them; the Aurora shooting’s impact on one student’s self-concept; the futures of oil shale and inorganic farming; conflict in and over Uganda; some notes on equine therapy, out of the horse’s mouth; & visual analyses of fear and joy. 

2011-2012 Edition
Inside this edition: beer pong goes big; the surprising hidden depths of that song the radio won’t stop playing; Marxist-feminist literary analysis; marketing visions of cupcake grandeur; therapeutic visions of equine grandeur; confessions of an unrepentant, but now-realistic, drug dealer; Mongolian nomads; squirrel-brain-machine interface born out of milk-carton Jedi mind tricks; & rhapsodizing Jeep & Gershwin.

2009-2011 Edition
Inside this edition: the semiotics of smoking on Red Rocks’ campus; the semiotics of intellectual pursuit and personal growth as seen in Red Rocks’ main entrance; fictional characters on Facebook; feuding math geniuses; cutting the puppet’s strings; learning to forgive and to “just jump”; blues at the crossroads; a multi-genre approach to the multifarious life and times of a stay-at-home mom; altruism in argument with Ayn Rand in the Philippines.

Claro welcomes volunteer editors and reviewers. Contact the editor if you're interested in participating, especially if you’re an instructor in the sciences!