Secure Software Development Bachelor's of Applied Science BAS

Secure Software Development..."The Software side of Cyber Security"

Pathway Plan for the BAS

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree in Secure Software Development, “The Software side of Cyber Security”. The degree requires completion of 120 credit hours. Students will be required to declare the BAS through admissions. Students are required to meet with Computer Technology/Computer Science faculty to set up an initial subject-specific advising meeting; develop a student plan; and review their general education requirements/transfer credits. Satisfactory completion (grade of C or higher), is mandatory for all core and computer prefixed (CIS,CNG,CSC,CWB) degree coursework. Course work for this degree can be completed in traditional, hybrid, or online format.

This area of emphasis prepares you to become a programmer in secure software development. You will develop skills using multiple programming languages and databases and implement component security using industry’s best security practices. You will also design, develop, and test secure software applications; conduct software penetration testing; and provide recommendations for reducing computer security risks. This degree also focuses on critical elements of software security; implement techniques for mitigating security risks; and you will identify and develop software solutions to threats and attacks in order to minimize risk and protect privacy.

Business & Industry Testimonials

There is a growing market for potential RRCC BAS Secure Software Development graduates, and this is reflected in the data gathered from state and government sources.
The proposed BAS program will provide potential job candidates with the skills we are looking for in secure software development.

Employment Trends in Related Fields of Study

Yearly Wages for Software Developers, Systems Software 2017 Colorado area: $77,690 to $166,020
Colorado Projected Annual Job Openings 2014 - 2024: 610 (+39% change)
Yearly Wages for Software Developers, Applications 2017 Colorado area: $62,940 to $154,250
Colorado Projected Annual Job Openings 2014 - 2024: 1,110 (+35% change)