Next Generation Web Tools HTML5 & CSS3

RRCC is adding the next generation web tools to their Web Development Program. HTML5 and CSS3 are the latest of markup programming. HTML5 allows you to watch videos without using a plugin like Flash or Silverlight. Also, HTML5 and CSS3 make it easier for Web designers to create animations and interactive games. HTML5 gives Web apps the ability to store information and Internet utilities for use when you're offline. This feature will allow you to store and access data like e-mails, calendars, and other utilities through Web apps, even when you're offline, making Web apps that much better and more useful. HTML5 and CSS3 is the new standard for web applications on mobile devices, such as smart phones, iPhones, and IPads.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

According the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for computer network, systems and database administrators, which includes Web developers, was expected to increase 30% from 2008-2018 ( The demand for Web developers specifically was expected to be strong due to increases in Internet users, Internet services and data sent over the Internet. To increase your employment prospects, it is in your best interest to earn a degree and certification.

Whether you are an experienced web developer or just getting started, you can begin learning HTML5 and CSS3 offered each semester. For a complete listing of programs and certificates, go to

Contact: Julie Schneider