Communicate with Others

What should I not talk about?

Various ethical and legal considerations are important here. All communication with others should be respectful and have a purpose that benefits the child. The purpose of communication should be carefully balanced by considerations of who needs to be involved or who needs to know when making decisions about a child. 


What should I not talk about?

  • Considerations for confidentiality
    • FERPA
    • Code of Ethics
    • IDEA
    • ADA
    • Above all – refrain from gossip of any kind.  Gossip can be hurtful and harmful to your relationships with children and families.
      • Countering Center Gossip
    • You should also be aware of what you include in any e-mail; remember, this is not always a secure form of communication.
  • Communication with a purpose
    • Determine who may need to be a part of communication
    • Determine what is relevant to any particular conversation

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Communicate with Others
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