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The Teaching Practice Cycle: Truly effective Early Care and Education teachers use a continuous sequence of activities in their teaching practice that follows a circular flow. In each activity, the teacher will engage in a specific practice to acquire information about or for an individual child or a group of children, pausing to analyze and reflect on the information before moving on to the next activity in the sequence.

In this resource we have posed questions commonly asked about what effective/appropriate practice look like in each of the activities within the teaching cycle and then provide a variety of teaching resources that support effective/appropriate practice for the Early Care and Education teacher.

How to Use This Resource: This website looks at five areas of practice within the teaching spiral.  Each section includes a brief, informative review of the topic and a list of question posed by the ECE professional. Each question is a clickable link that sends you to a new webpage with answers and resources for that  question. You can explore this web resource in a variety of ways; each topic can be reviewed as a stand-alone topic or in sequence. All resources used in this website are available on a consolidated resource page at the end of the website.

Our intended audience for this website includes not just students, but teachers, directors, coaches and other early childhood professionals. We hope that you can use this resource to inform and organize your daily practices with young children.

The information on this website has been a “labor of love” and we believe the information is accurate and reflective of current high-quality practices in early childhood. We reserve the right to add, change or modify resources and other portions of the website as new information becomes available. 
If you have questions or concerns, comments or suggestions, please contact us.

Last modified June 2012


Observe and Collect Data
Analyze the Collected Information
Reflect on the Data
Communicate with Others
Take Action

mapObserve Analyze Communicate Take Action