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Take Action

"Observation is the basis for decision making in much of your work with young children and their families. You will observe many different children and use what you see to help you understand the child development theories you have learned. You will observe children’s characteristics, abilities, and interests and in response you will plan for their development. You will observe them as you teach and will modify your teaching and your plans in response to what you see.  You will observe their interactions with others and modify your behavior to help them to build good relationships. You will observe them with their families and use this information to help them build strong bonds with the most important people in their lives. And, when you observe that their needs are significantly different from those of other children you will use your observations to help you communicate with others to determine whether or not they require special services." (Feeney, Moravcik, Nolte, 2013, p. 147)(2)

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Observe and Collect Data
Analyze the Collected Information
Reflect on the Data
Communicate with Others
Take Action

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