Electrical License Renewal Deadline

Governor Hickenlooper signed House Bill 16-1073 into law on April 15, 2016. This law replaces the Electrical Continued Competency (CC) program with a requirement of 24 hours of continuing education to be completed each renewal period. The CC Assessment will no longer be administered. This law requires any licensed journeyman electrician, master electrician or residential wireman to complete 24 hours of continuing education course credits prior to renewing his or her license.

Electrical Continuing Education Requirements

Before renewing in September 2020, all licensed electricians must complete 24 hours of continuing education from among the Core Competencies below in any combination, except that a minimum of four (4) continuing education hours must be related to National Electrical Code changes. 
A. Grounding and Bonding
B. National Electrical Code changes (four hours minimum required)
C. Wiring methods
D. Theory and calculations
You will receive 32 hours of CEU credit for the EIC 130 National Electrical Code I class.
Steps to follow after you fill out your RRCC application 
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