Emergency Medical Responder Program

Emergency Medical Responder

The Emergency Medical Responder course is designed to teach people to care for ill or injured patients until an ambulance arrives. It is ideal for anyone wishing to obtain comprehensive advanced first aid skills.  Participants may include police officers, park rangers, camp counselors, and volunteer firefighters. It is also an excellent preparation course for becoming an EMT.

The format for the class is approximately half lecture and half small group skills practice. The course includes American Heart Association CPR for Healthcare Providers training and certification.  The only prerequisite is age 16 by the first day of class.

Successful completion of the course will make the student eligible to take the Colorado Division of Fire Safety First Responder and National Registry of EMT's Emergency Medical Responder written exams.

Course Offerings

EMS 115 001        Wednesday         1:00 pm-4:30 pm         1/17/2018-5/8/2018

Required Textbook

Emergency Medical Responder 10th ed, Le Baudour and Bergeron, 2016, Pearson

Application Process

The course is open enrollment, no permissions are required. Students may enroll online or at the college