EMT - IV Certification

IV Approval for EMT's

The IV approval course at Red Rocks Community College is designed for Colorado state certified EMT's to be able to include this skill into their scope of practice.  Upon successful completion of the course, the EMT may be authorized by their medical director to initiate IV therapy and administer fluids and certain medications to patients.  The cours follows the Colorado state approved curriculum for IV approval.  The course consists of 24 hours of classroom instruction including lecture and skills practice and one or more clinical shifts in the hospital. The final day of class in the course offering and catalog is for the classroom portion only, clinical rotations will extend beyond that day.

Course Offerings:

EMS 130-003   Monday    8:00 am-11:45 am    8/21/2017-10/9/2017

*Sections 001 and 002 are restricted to students enrolled in the AEMT cohort

Tuition and Fees

Course costs are based on 2 credit hours plus additional fees and insurance.  Total for 2017 will approximately be $385.00 with COF applied.  There also may be costs associated with background checks, urinalysis, vaccinations and CPR certification if the student has not completed them previously.


  • Current Colorado state EMT certification or documentation of enrollment and satisfactory progress in an EMT course as evidenced by a letter from the applicant's EMT instructor.
  • Documentation of CCPT, ACT, or SAT scores that would allow the applicant to enroll in ENG 121 or proof of completion of ENG 121, or its equivalent, with a grade of C or higher.

Clinical Requirements

  • Current Colorado EMT certificate
  • Current CPR card at the BLS Provider or Healthcare Provider level
  • Background check and urinalysis within one year
  • Physical exam and TB test within one year and proof of vaccinations
  • Proof of healthcare insurance coverage


Students must meet with an EMS faculty member to enroll.  For more information or to schedule an individual enrollment appointment, please email Louis Hren at Louis.Hren@rrcc.edu, Robert Vroman at Robert.Vroman@rrcc.edu or Seven Brown at Steven.Brown@rrcc.edu.

2018 Spring IV Approval Information Sheet