The English Department at Red Rocks Community College offers a wide range of writing classes:

  • Creative Writing
  • Literature
  • Technical Writing

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Creative Writing

Poems, short stories, and articles of creative nonfiction are works of art in which words paint vivid pictures that evoke emotion and contemplation. The ultimate goal of the Creative Writing faculty at RRCC is to help students produce literary quality writing to be published. A background in creative writing is preparatory for work in journalism, publishing, editing, and freelance writing. Advertising, the law, and education are other fields where strong writing is a useful skill.

Red Rocks Community College offers several courses in creative writing:

  • ENG 221 - Creative Writing I
  • ENG 226 - Fiction Writing
  • ENG 227 - Poetry Writing
  • ENG 230 - Creative Nonfiction
  • ENG 231 - Literary Magazine


Literature can refer to any writing. More specifically, literature includes writing that evaluates and promotes ideas, analyzes multiple situations dramatically, offers opportunities to analyze emotions, and presents stories through a variety of genres. In courses at RRCC, literature courses include fiction, poetry, and drama.

Literature encourages us to grow both intellectually and personally. Studying literature provides us with both knowledge and understanding in many areas. We can create a foundation from which we view and evaluate various components of our multicultural world.

Red Rocks Community College offers several courses in literature:

  • LIT 115 - Introduction To Literature I
  • LIT 127 - Study Of The Novel
  • LIT 145 - Women In Literature And Society
  • LIT 201 - Masterpieces In Literature I
  • LIT 202 - Masterpieces In Literature II
  • LIT 211 - Survey Of American Literature I
  • LIT 212 - Survey Of American Literature II
  • LIT 221 - Survey Of British Literature I
  • LIT 222 - Survey Of British Literature II
  • LIT 225 - Introduction To Shakespeare
  • LIT 232 - Gothic Literature
  • LIT 235 - Science Fiction
  • LIT 255 - Children's Literature
  • LIT 257 - Literature And Film
  • LIT 285 - Independent Study

Technical Writing

What is technical writing? Technical writing is writing that is done for business, industry, and government. Its purpose is generally to inform or instruct. For example, the manual that comes with a VCR is a form of technical writing. Its purpose is to inform or instruct you on how to operate your VCR. Technical writing includes memos, emails, business letters, reports, proposals, instructors, user manuals, résumé's and cover letters, web pages, and more. Technical documents need to be concise, comprehensive, accessible, accurate, clear, and correct.

Red Rocks Community College offers several courses in technical writing:

  • ENG 116 - Designing Print Documentation
  • ENG 118 - Designing Online Documentation
  • ENG 119 - Resumes And Cover Letters
  • ENG 131 - Technical Writing I
  • ENG 132 - Technical Writing II
  • ENG 205 - Technical Editing

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