Drop for Non-Attendance

Drop for Non-Attendance for students who HAVE NOT established attendance and were not dropped by instructor for no show:

Student must:

  1. Contact the instructor by email (firstname.lastname@rrcc.edu)
  2. Include your name, S#, subject, course number, and CRN for the course in your email to the instructor. (Example: John Doe, S12345678, MAT 121 CRN 10341)
  3. Request the instructor send an email to Carla.Plucknett@rrcc.edu in RRCC Student Records explaining that you never established attendance in the class and requesting that you be dropped for non-attendance.
  4. If you are having trouble getting in touch with the instructor, contact Janet Gonzales in Instructional Services for additional help, by email at Janet.Gonzales@rrcc.edu or by phone at 303.914.6402.
  5. If you are registered in a RRCC or CCCOnline class, you must complete the Drop for Non-Attendance form and submit the completed form to Enrollment Services. This form can be found at the link following, or in person at the RRCC Admissions Lakewood Campus front counter.

Drop for Non-Attendance FormPDF format

If the instructor verifies that you did not establish attendance in their class and submits the required email, you will be dropped from the class.  You will not owe anything for the class and the class will not appear on your RRCC transcript.

If the instructor does not submit the required email or, if the instructor verifies that you did establish attendance in the class, you will NOT be dropped from the class.  In addition, you will be responsible for the cost of the class, including all tuition and fees.  If you do not pay this balance due by the end of the current term, your account will be turned over to collections.

Drop for Non-Attendance for students who HAVE established attendance and were dropped in error and wish to be added back into the class:

Please use the online Late Registration questionnaire to determine which form must be completed and submitted.