NISOD Workshop :: Lakewood Campus

Friday, October 11, 2019 -
10:00am to 3:00pm

Red Rocks Community College Regional Workshop
Capture My Heart, Educate My Soul

Workshop Description
Designed for developmental instructors and faculty who teach “gatekeeper” courses, Capture My Heart, Educate My Soul is intended as a practical, participatory complement to the theories, attitudes, and strategies suggested in the manual of the same name. However, the attitudes and strategies suggested will also assist educators who teach honors students and any other specialized cohort.

Steeped in the practice of Socratic questioning, an ethos of care, and transformational learning theory, the workshop challenges you to reflect upon who you are in the classroom, and what you really bring to the table of transactional teaching and learning. While you are not asked to “self-actualize,” you are asked to reflect on the intentionality of your instructional methods. What tools, habits of mind, and practices do you hang on to because they are familiar or trendy, yet are clearly ineffective for our changing student demographics?

The philosophy is simple: Project an authentic, caring attitude and atmosphere, and learners will bring their “A” games. This is not to say that their “A” game will be enough, but it is foundational. The workshop facilitator encourages deep, intrusive integration of theory and practice, without valuing one over the other. The workshop asks you to consider the intersection of professional, discipline-specific knowledge, and personal comportment and style. How do you project what you know to your students, and how does the manner in which you project translate into positive student outcomes? Further, the workshop requires you to be open to transformational learning possibilities when critical, caring approaches to instruction are infused with a culturally-relevant awareness, and a social-justice orientation.

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