Scholarships are free money used to pay for tuition and fees and are awarded to students to further their education. They are awarded on various criteria usually reflecting the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award. Most scholarships have application deadline dates. It is imperative students pay attention to the deadline dates of each scholarship to increase chances of being selected for the aid.

Listed below are some of the most common avenues for students at Red Rocks Community College to locate scholarships. When using the internet to search and apply for scholarships, please be mindful of how and who you provide your personal information to. Students searching for money to attend school often times make easy targets for scammers.

Visit the Federal Trade Commission's website on common scholarship scams. While there are legitimate fee based scholarship search engines, any information they contain will be available for free elsewhere. The Financial Aid Office recommends avoiding fee based services.

Red Rocks Scholarship Resources:

Red Rocks Scholarships/Awards
View and obtain scholarship applications offered by Red Rocks Community College.
Red Rocks Foundation Office –The Red Rocks Community College Foundation offers a wide variety of scholarships based on both need and merit. The Red Rocks Community College Foundation Scholarship Application allows you to apply for over 200 awards all at once. Applications are accepted each spring semester for disbursement the following academic year.
High School Relations - The High School Relations office provides advice and guidance on college courses you can take during high school and after graduation.

Scholarship Search Engines: – A free scholarship search engine, students create a login and a profile to search for scholarship applications. We recommend you review any 3rd party privacy policies prior to giving personally identifiable information. – A free scholarship search engine. We recommend you review any 3rd party privacy policy prior to giving personally identifiable information.
Student Aid on the Web – Your source for free info from the U.S. Dept. of Education on preparing for and funding education beyond high school.
Latin American Education Foundations – Online resource for Hispanic students in Colorado.
Hispanic Scholarship Fund – A provider for college financial aid for Latino Students
School Soup – A free online search engine for scholarships.

Students can utilize regular search engines to find scholarships by entering common terms they'd expect to see on an application specific to their area of study.

Other Scholarship Resources:

  • College financial aid offices. We receive scholarship applications from time to time from outside organizations. These applications are available to students in the Financial Aid lobby. Feel free to drop by and search through our scholarship book. Financial Aid staff will be happy to make copies of any applications for you.
  • High school counseling offices
  • Public libraries
  • Your local place of worship
  • Businesses
  • Professional organizations
  • Magazines
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Clubs (VFW, Elks, etc.)
  • Friends and family
  • Student and parents' employers