Fine Furniture Program

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Develop fine woodworking design and construction skills and realize your own original furniture concepts by pursuing a path in fine furniture making.

Our fine furniture-making programs are designed for people yearning to design, build, and custom furniture with enduring quality. Courses integrate old world, traditional methods with modern technology, materials, and design.

Designing a chair photo cabinet photo

Our Fine Furniture making program helps you progress from beginning woodworker to advanced fine furniture crafts-person. 

We offer classes to develop students’ proficiency with hand tools and power equipment, communicate their designs with working drawings for simple tables and stools as well as original student concepts, and strengthen their skills in joinery, construction and finishing.  Students can strengthen their skills with more advanced courses in designing and building tables, free-standing cabinets and dressers, and chairs that involve more sophisticated designs and joinery.

  • Fundamentals of Woodworking - FIW 100
  • Introduction to Woodworking - FIW 101
  • Elements of Design - FIW 104
  • Furniture & Object Design – FIW 204
  • Furniture I: Table making - FIW 201
  • Furniture II: Carcass Construction - FIW 202
  • Furniture III: Chair Construction - FIW 203
  • Workbench Construction - FIW 207
  • Bending and Laminations - FIW 210 / CRN 22247
  • Contemporary Furniture Making - FIW 212
  • Advanced Contemporary Furniture Making - FIW 213
  • Woodworking Lab - FIW 219
  • Japanese Design -*Special Topic
  • Workbench Construction – FIW 207
  • Wooden Handplane Making & Restoration –*Special Topic
  • Router Mortising Jig –*Special Topic

You may take classes individually or as part of a certificate or degree program.

Photo: Walker Meltzer Chair

Certificate and Career options for furniture makers

Whether you take classes individually or as part of a certificate or degree program, our fine furniture studies prepare you to work independently or be employed in fields such as custom studio furniture and commercial furniture making. (Credit hours are noted below)

  • Woodworking Fundamentals (7)
  • Joiner (21)
  • Fine Furniture Craftsman (26)
  • Artisan (34)
  • Contemporary Furniture Fundamentals (19)
  • Contemporary Furniture Craftsman (35 )
  • Fine Woodworking Associate of Applied Sciences Degree (60)
  • Post Degree Advanced Craftsman Certificate (60)