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Expertly applied finishes are the crowning touch of beautifully crafted furniture, musical instruments and art objects.

Set your wood projects apart with finishes that enhance the grain and protect the wood. Our finishing courses focus on the final set of processes that assure a flawless finish and enduring quality of each piece.

Students also learn to apply their finishing knowledge to restoring furniture.


With a dedicated Finishing lab and spray booth, students experiment and become proficient in surface preparation, coloring, and protecting wood. We provide instruction on how various woods respond to a variety of finishing processes, from sanding and grain filling, to using dyes and pigments. Students learn to select and apply a variety of finishes to enhance the luster and iridescence of the wood, including water- and oil-based varnish, shellac, polyurethane and conversion varnishes. Students also develop proficiency in hand-rubbed finishing techniques, including French Polish and 'finishing-the-finish' techniques.

Furniture Restoration and Repair focuses on knowledge of joinery, glues and finishes to repair and restore wood furniture.

  • Wood Finishing - FIW 125
  • French Polish - FIW 126
  • Advanced Instrument Finishing - *Special Topic
  • Furniture Restoration and Repair - FIW 208

You may take classes individually or as part of a certificate or degree program.

Certificates and Career Options

Our finishing courses are part of these broader woodworking certification programs. Alumni with strong finishing skills are in demand in millworks and cabinet shops, fine woodworking studios, and finishing and refinishing facilities, and instrument making shops. (Credit hours are noted below)

  • Luthier Fundamentals (31)
  • Luthier Technician (6)
  • Luthier Craftsman (6)
  • Artisan (34)
  • Joiner (21)
  • Cabinet Maker (14)
  • Fine Furniture Craftsman (26)
  • Artisan (34)
  • Contemporary Furniture Fundamentals (19)
  • Contemporary Furniture Craftsman (35)