Instrument-Making/Lutherie – Stringed Instruments

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Make Music! 

We offer one of the few year-round instrument-making programs in the country. Whether you play an instrument or simply enjoy it, our lutherie courses train students to make, repair, and finish stringed instruments for aesthetics, comfort and acoustic quality.

Photo: guitar in progress


Introductory courses provide a thorough knowledge of instrument building and repair, including optimizing designs and materials to customize sound and performance qualities, and proficiency with essential hand tools and equipment. Progress to more advanced classes in inlays, rosettes, and instrument finishing.

Prerequisites for Lutherie classes:

  • FIW 101 Introduction to Woodworking OR
  • FIW 100 Fundamentals II

Classes in stringed instrument construction, repair and finishing:

  • FIW 102  Classical Guitar Construction
  • FIW 232  Advanced Acoustic Guitar Construction
  • FIW 103  Steel String Guitar Construction
  • FIW 105  Guitar Setup & Repair
  • FIW 131  Electric Guitar Construction
  • FIW 231  Advanced Electric Guitar Construction
  • FIW 130  Mandolin Construction
  • FIW 230  Advanced Mandolin Construction
  • FIW 125  Wood Finishing
  • FIW 126  French Polish
  • FIW 233 Advanced Lutherie Lab

You may take classes individually or as part of a certificate or degree program.

Instrument Making Certificates and Career Options

Our certificate programs provide a depth of expertise that prepare alumni for careers in instrument building and restoration. (Credit hours are noted below)

  • Luthier Craftsman (31)
  • Luthier Technician (6)
  • Luthier Fundamentals (6)
  • Artisan (34, multi-discipline)