Woodworking Arts: Wood Turning, Marquetry, and Carving

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Do you yearn to work with your hands to create finely detailed wood works of art?

Our Wood Turning, Carving and Marquetry courses give you the expertise to transform wood into art, and embellish furniture with custom-designed details. Every class emphasizes mastery of traditional hand and power tools to create exquisitely designed art objects.

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  • We offer Wood Turning classes that prepare students to create sculptural forms, spindles, pens, ornaments, and bowls by developing  skills and expertise in the use of lathes and other specialized turning tools. 
  • Veneering/Marquetry classes focus on how to choose, cut, and apply veneers in geometric and curved designs to create images that are used on artworks, trays, and furniture.
  • Our Carving classes focus students on perfecting traditional hand-carving methods and using power tools to create finely crafted relief and three-dimensional carvings and sculptures.
  • Introduction to Turning -  FIW 118
  • Intermediate Turning I - FIW 119
  • Intermediate Turning II - FIW 120
  • Advanced Turning - FIW 121
  • Wood Carving - FIW 122
  • Advanced Wood Carving - *Special Topic
  • Veneering and Marquetry - FIW 200
  • Advanced Veneering and Marquetry - FIW 275

See our current semester course catalog*Special topics are offered on a rotating basis.  Speak with an Advisor to enroll.

Certificates and Career Options

Our certificate programs provide a depth of expertise that prepares alumni for fine art woodworking and furniture making careers. (Credit hours are noted below)

  • Wood Turner (12)
  • Advanced Wood Turner (18)
  • Artisan (34)