Program Information

The College Gateway Program: Results

(These are preliminary results from a program evaluation by W. Neil Gowensmith, PhD at the University of Denver.)

How do current Gateway students fare?

family relationship quality has increased

drug and alcohol use has decreased

Frequency of thinking about new criminal activity has decreased

legal trouble since starting Gateway has decreased

self-esteem improves
quality of life improved

Better quality of life?  You bet:

  • 78% have developed new friends since joining Gateway
  • 84% now engage in new activities during their spare time
  • 26% spend more than 11 hours per week on the RRCC campus
  • 35% are involved in the Red Rocks Outreach Community Club
  • 58% will go on to enroll at Red Rocks Community College

What skills do Gateway students learn?

  • 20%: Computer skills
  • 31%: Employment / occupational skills
  • 67%: Relationship skills (parenting, relationship, etc.)
  • 80%: Communication skills

What factors do students say are most important about Gateway?

factors that are most important to our students

What do graduates say about Gateway?

  • “I now have a better idea about what I want to do: continue my education.”
  • “It helped me find myself and more.”
  • “You all gave me hope.”
  • “I moved on and have taken off in a new direction.”
  • “Gateway helped me discover myself.”
  • “They put me on track.”

In short, Gateway works!

  • Gateway starts with the toughest population
  • They instill hope through support
  • They retain and graduate students
  • They prepare students for school and jobs
  • They reduce recidivism and substance abuse
  • They improve quality of life
  • Attends to the “Central Eight” criminogenic factors of offenders
  • Utilizes the Risk-Need-Responsivity model
  • A surprise element…?