Welcome to TekConnect™


Welcome to TekConnect™. Computers are often required for work and education, and are a large part of our personal lives. At TekConnect™, we understand not everyone has easy access to a personal computer. TekConnect™ receives and refurbishes donated/recycled PCs from Jefferson County to distribute to groups and individuals in need.


TekConnect™ is open to all individuals and non-profit organizations and provides people in need with renewed computing devices to help empower their lives in the 21st century.

Available Hardware:

  • Dell 600/700 Series towers
  • Keyboard
  • Optical Mouse
  • Flat Panel Monitor
  • All connecting cables

Requirements and Eligibility:

The following requirements must be met in order to qualify for a TekConnect™ computing device:

For individuals:

  • Provide a 1 to 2 page written statement that outlines the followings details:
    1. The purpose for needing a TekConnect™ computer
    2. How will you benefit from a TekConnect™ computer
    3. If you are a student, please include your educational goals
  • Must be used for the following:
  1. Educational purposes for self or household members
  2. Marketable work skills training
  3. Will not be used for any malicious or criminal purposes

For Organizations:

  • Must meet the same requirements as individuals, as well as:
  1. 501 (c) (3)  non-profit Organization
  2. Must be used for educational, training, or tutoring purposes
  3. Must serve individuals in their community

How-to Apply:

Contact Information:

Linda Agripino
Office Specialist/Gateway Program

RRCC Gateway
13300 West Sixth Avenue
Room 2661
Lakewood, Colorado 80228-1255

Campus Location maps:

Getting to RRCC maps


  • Not all applicants may be eligible to receive a TekConnect™ computing device.