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Hands-On Interactive Models - Physical Geology

The RRCC Geology Program uses impressive hands-on interactive models for several Physical Geology labs in order to help students better understand key course concepts.

Our Augmented Reality Sandbox was custom-built with volunteered time by former student Jeff Gross and the electronics were calibrated by work study student Sheena Skinner. It uses a Kinect motion sensor and Linux-based programming developed by scientists at UC-Davis to project contour lines that change in real time as students manipulate sand into various landforms. This visualization develops and improves topographic map skills.

Students interacting with the Augmented Reality SandboxAugmented Reality Sandbox - Closeup


Our EmRiver Stream Table models stream behavior and landforms, with water moving over and through plastic media system. Gradient and water flow are adjusted to simulate a variety of conditions that occur in nature and as a result of human activity.

EmRiver Stream Table Model - closeupStudents interacting with the EmRiver Stream Table model


These educational tools enhance learning and have been enthusiastically received by students. Sign up for Physical Geology and get to use them yourself!