Go Green

The RRCC Green Campus Initiative is dedicated to the pursuit of campus sustainability.

We NOW have green recipes! Check out our No Cook Quick Wraps, Kick A Popcorn and Honey Nut Quick Munch. Enjoy!

The Green Committee wants to share with you the exciting and sustainable ideas and initiatives that are going on on campus! If you already know about them and are helping with or using these items – thank you! If this is new information to you, welcome to the movement!

What Are We Currently Doing to Help Around Campus?

We continue to promote recycling here on campus; recently we added 12 new blue recycling bins throughout the campus and more are coming. We use a single-stream service, which means we do not have to separate out the different materials, we just need to make sure they are clean! We are able to recycle plastics number 1-7, tin and aluminum, paper products (white and mixed colors, newspaper, cardboard, magazines), and glass. Please utilize this way of reducing our footprint and double check you're putting the items in the right bin! If you need a bin closer to you - just let us know! We'd be happy to get one to you. Click here to find out more about what we are doing to improve the campus.

Red Rock’s Green Initiative Efforts and the Green Committee Pledge

We pledge to contribute to the greening and sustainability of Red Rocks Community College by working with students, faculty, and staff to support resource conservation, recycling, waste reduction, reduced energy consumption and environmentally sound operations. The RRCC Green Campus Initiative is dedicated to the pursuit of campus sustainability.

New Energy Technology Program at RRCC

Red Rocks Community College is offering a new Energy Technology Program this fall, including AAS degrees and certificates in Energy Technology.