Steps to Change

Save a tree! Use the interactive schedule or catalog. Look for other ways to use electronic resources instead of paper.

Reduce your paper trail. Cutting back here and there adds up to less waste and less pollution. Set a good example for your co-workers and you might just get them to be more conscientious about their consumption habits.

Give your waste a second life. Paper (mixed paper, magazines, newspaper), cardboard, glass, plastics 1-7, tin and aluminum can be recycled at RRCC.

Choose recycled products. Be it paper, printer cartridges or trash bags, office products made from post-consumer waste abound. Seek them out!

Commute efficiently. Join a carpool, take the bus or ride your bike to work. Learn about greener (and cheaper) alternatives to driving solo.

Put your computer on a diet. It's easy to make your computer consume less energy. Shut it down at the end of the day and use power management to put your system to sleep when you aren't actively using it.

Buy Green at the RRCC Bookstore. The Barnes & Noble bookstore at the Lakewood campus is also going green, selling edun LIVE t-shirts made in sub-Saharan Africa. All steps in producing edun LIVE garments, from growing the cotton to shipping the product, occurs in developing countries like Lesotho, Tanzania, and Uganda to support the local economies. 

Join our Green Team! You can help us make a difference. Join us in our efforts to make RRCC green.

New Renewable Energy Program at RRCC

Red Rocks Community College is offering a new Renewable Energy Program this fall, including AAS degrees and certificates in Renewable Energy Technology.