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Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5p.m. 

Effective Monday June 21, 2021, the requirement to wear masks while inside college buildings will be discontinued for vaccinated individuals. Individuals who are not vaccinated are expected to continue to wear a mask, but the college will use an honor's system for compliance. Social distancing of approximately 6 feet should be maintained.

Appointments are available remotely Monday-Friday 9 a.m-4 p.m.

Limited in person appointments are available Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at the RRCC Lakewood Campus


You may be able to take college classes without leaving your high school... and at no cost!

Selected academic and career based high school classes are offered for Red Rocks Community College credit with the tuition paid by the school district. The courses are taught during the school day in the high school classroom by RRCC qualified high school instructors. The credit earned is for dual enrollment - college and high school credit towards high school graduation requirements.

Click here to see a list of the courses offered at your high school.

The Benefits

  • Tuition is paid for by your school district
    If the course is successfully completed with a grade of C or better, the school district will pay the cost of your tuition.
  • Classes held on your high school campus
    Your RRCC qualified high school teacher will offer you the college course in your high school classroom.
  • Get a head start on your college career
    The coursework earned can be applied to a degree or certificate program.
  • Begin your Red Rocks official college transcript
    The credit earned will automatically be recorded on your Red Rocks official transcript permanently.

Steps to get started:

Step 1APPLY 

Click here to Complete the free Red Rocks and College Opportunity Fund applications. Click on  Apply Here

You will need:

  • Your social security number
  • Residency information for your parent or legal guardian

Be sure to:

  • Enter your social security number and information correctly
  • Say YES to create the College Opportunity Fund Application on your behalf. Otherwise you will need to complete the separate application at

Click here to download detailed application instructions and a worksheet PDF Format

Click Here to watch a video tutorial on how to complete the RRCC online application as a Concurrent Enrollment student

Step 2TEST

Some Academic classes that offer college credit require a specific score. 

Click here to view the list of required test scorespdf

Click here for more information on placement options pdf

If you are enrolled in a class that has a prerequisite, assessment can be accomplished by:

        Submitting a copy of your qualifying SAT, PSAT, ACT scores or meeting high school exemptions. Students may also be able to complete placement through Self-Assessments. 

         Or by…

         Taking the free academic placement test with Red Rocks Community College

FALL 2021: ACCUPLACER testing will be on the RRCC Campus by appointment. You can request testing at:

  • Visit to learn more about placement testing and options and to find study guides
  • You will first need to complete the Red Rocks online application to obtain a S#
  • You will need to present a photo ID to test (high school ID's accepted)
  • The first test is free. Retests are $25 each

Self-Guided Assessments are another option to satify prerequisites. You can learn more at: 


Submit the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement provided by your high school/school district

You will need:

  • Your Red Rocks student ID
  • A signature (digital) from you and your parent or legal guardian.

Fall 2021 Red Rocks Community College Registration 

All School Districts:

Registration will be conducted remotely . Students will complete applications, testing (if required) and paperwork online.

Representatives from your school district and RRCC will assist students through the enrollment process.  


Warren Tech Central, North and South

Registration will be conducted remotely this semester. Students will complete applications, testing (if required) and paperwork online.

Representatives from Jeffco and Warren Tech will assist students through the enrollment process.  




Completed RRCC Applications and Concurrent Enrollment Agreements must be submitted in order to earn college credit by the spring enrollment deadline. Please note, both the RRCC application and Concurrent Enrollment Agreement are considered your official request to register for college credit. College credits earned will be permanentally recorded on the college transcript and will impact the college G.P.A.

Fall 2021 Registration Deadline: September 8, 2021

Concurrent Enrollment Information Sessions


Click here to see a list of the courses offered at your high school.
Learn more about the Concurrent Enrollment process pdf
Click here to download the Concurrent Enrollment at your High School Checklist pdf

Important Facts about Concurrent Enrollment:


Participation in Concurrent Enrollment begins your college experience and  permanent college transcript. In contrast to the Advanced Placement (AP) Program, where college credit is granted upon successful completion of a national examination and no record is kept on the student's college transcript if the exam is not passed, registration for concurrent enrollment constitutes a commitment to enter the final course grades on your permanent college record, regardless of the results. Furthermore, credit is earned by performance and participation throughout the course, rather than by an exit examination alone.


All Concurrent Enrollment grades are posted to an official college transcript, and a college GPA is established. This transcript becomes part of your permanent college record. Final grades will also appear on your high school transcript and must be identical to the grades posted on the college transcript.

Drops and Withdrawals

All schedule adjustments, such as drops and withdrawals, must be submitted in writing to the High School Relations Office. Drop and withdraw deadlines for Concurrent Enrollment courses are set by the college. You must abide by the deadlines-no exceptions.

Drop definition: If the dropped request is made before the drop deadline, no record of the course will appear on your college transcript and no tuition is charged.

Withdraw definition: After the drop deadline, a withdraw can be made before the withdraw deadline. A "W" grade will appear on your college transcript. Your college GPA will not be affected.

For semester drop and withdraw deadlines, click here to see the Academic Calendar or you may contact the High School Relations Office.

Click Here to learn more about grade implecations for Concurrent Enrollment Students


September 8, 2021: Fall registration deadline

September 8, 2021: Fall drop deadline

November 26, 2021: Last day to withdraw from fall RRCC classes

February 2, 2022: Spring drop deadline

Drop definition: If the dropped request is made before the drop deadline, no record of the course will appear on your college transcript and no tuition is charged.

Withdraw definition: After the drop deadline, a withdraw can be made before the withdraw deadline. A "W" grade will appear on your college transcript. Your college GPA will not be affected.