Holistic Health Degree and Certificates

To enroll into any Holistic Health course, you must have one of the following documented with the college:

  • Successful completion of ENG 090 or higher** (with a C or better)
  • English ACT of 18 or SAT of 440**
  • Accuplacer sentence skills of 95 or higher**
  • Successful completion of ESL 053 & 093 coursework**
  • Students with a college degree of AA, AS or higher**

**Documentation is required

Degree and Certificates in Holistic Health


Please click here to view Holistic Health degree.

  • AAS Degree in Holistic Health

This is a 61 credit degree that transfers to the Integrative Healthcare program at Metropolitan State University of Denver. 
“C” grade or higher in all course work is required to receive the AAS

Click here for the Holistic Health AAS Sample Schedule.pdf


Please click here to view Holistic Health certificates.

  • Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate
  • Reflexology Certificate
  • Wellness Coaching Certificate
  • Yoga Teacher Certificate

“C” grade or higher in all course work is required to receive any of the Holistic Health Certificates.

Gainful Employment Information

The US Department of Education requires colleges to disclose a variety of information for any financial aid eligible program that “prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation." The information provided here is the best available to us but represents one year’s data only. However, we hope that this information is helpful to our current students and to prospective students as they make their career and educational choices.

This program is intended to enhance health care practice as well as to prepare one to be a facilitator in alternative types of health care.

Plans of Study and Course Sequencing

Plans of Study are rigorous, articulated academic "road maps" to your career goals, commencing in ninth grade and leading to certificates, licensure, degrees and beyond.

Course Sequencing Guides are suggested scheduling guidelines developed by RRCC programs which help you to complete your certificate or degree in a timely manner.

Career Paths / Options in Holistic Health

  • Holistic Health
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Herbology
  • Acupressure
  • Homeopathy
  • Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Reflexologist

See your advisor to map out your educational pathway to your chosen career path.