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FALL 2020 REGISTRATION: 2019-20 Honors students enroll in HNR 202

Returning Honors students enroll HNR 289 if you are ready for your capstone

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STEM EXPO will be virtual. More details to come!

Honors Student guide

Prospective and current honors students can learn more about the program, including courses, procedures and FAQs, in the following Honors Guide:

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Advising plan: Please schedule your Year 2 Honors Advising Session with the Director by April 15, 2020 


Student Planning Guide

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Honors Capstone Proposal

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Fall Honors Retreat Information

Honors Fall retreat is scheduled for next Fall: tentative dates are September 18-20, 2020 at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park. All Honors students and faculty are invited to participate at no cost. More details to be provided soon! 


Current honors class profiles and schedule Spring 2020

HNR 102 Honors Colloquium - required for all returning Honors students

HNR 289 Honors Capstone - required for all Honors students

COM 220-01H Intercultural Communication (Honors) Faculty: Joanna Liebelt  CRN 31364

HIS 247-01H Contemporary World History (Honors)        Faculty: Toni Nicholas   CRN 31466

ANT 108-H1T Archeology of World Rock Art (Honors)    Faculty: Chris Howell   CRN 33348

                     Field course travel to Dinosaur National Monument - Spring Break

ENG 122-01H English Composition II (Honors)  Faculty: Leah Rogin-Roper   CRN 30188

SOC 101-01H Intro to Sociology (Honors)    Faculty: Sally Stablein   CRN 30008

Signature Courses for SPRING

Students may complete required or additional honors courses through the signature course option. Signature courses are upper-level courses, taught using high impact practices, that are generally unique to RRCC and taught by our top faculty. These courses will be identified each semester. To earn Honors credit, the student needs to earn a B or better.  The Honors designation will then be added to the student transcript.

MAT 220-001 Intro to Proofs and Reasoning,        Faculty: Brenda Forland  CRN 32027

MAT 275-001 Mathematics of Machine Learning   Faculty: Adam Forland    CRN 33410

CHE 212-001 Organic Chemistry II                        Faculty: Brandon English CRN 30164

BIO 224-001 Genetics                                           Faculty: Lynne Albert      CRN 33444 

EGG 211-001 Statics                                             Faculty: Jeremy Beard     CRN 33572

ENG 231-001 Literary Magazine                           Faculty: Sandra Sajbel     CRN 30761

THE 112-001 Acting II                                          Faculty: Kelly Jo Eldredge  CRN 30234 

WQM 460-001 Water Source Management            Faculty: Chelsea Campbell   CRN 33426

HIS 205-001 Women in World History                   Faculty: Toni Nicholas        CRN 31346

STEM Opportunities on campus

Colorado Space Grant Consortium - RRCC is part of NASA Space Grant Program through the Colorado Space Grant Consortium (COSGC) which provides Colorado students access to space through innovative courses, real-world hands-on satellite programs, and interactive outreach programs.

Space Grant Teams Meet

Fridays, 1:00 pm in the Astronomy Lab or the IDEA Lab

IDEA Lab - The IDEA Lab provides opportunities, tools, and mentoring through real-world projects. 3-D printers, electronics, soldering, whiteboards and more! 

Engineering Club

Space Grant Club

Women in STEM club

Biology Club

Honors Contract Projects

In some non-honors courses, Honors students can arrange to do Honors contract projects. Check out some of the work that has been done. What is your creative project idea?

Student project poster on Rock Art and Astronomy by Nick Trujillo An example of the Intersection of Science and Art project by Rhiannon Larsen


LIT 202 - World Literature (Honors)

ENV 101/SPA 109 - Costa Rica: Environmental Science and Spanish for Travelers