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ALL Spring Events are Cancelled

Fall 2020 Applications Now Open: April 1 - September 1


RRCC Community BioBlitz

April 24th-27th, 2020
Online Training & Orientation Available - Particpate from Home!
RRCC is particpating in the City Nature Challenge (CNC), an ongoing project to document urban biodiversity and engage city residents in the nature around them. 

Questions? Barb Sobhani will have office hours for any questions about BioBlitz. 
Email for WebEx link.
Friday, April 24th
9am-10am & 2pm-3pm

PDF Flyer for More Info
RRCC BioBlitz City Nature Challenge 2020 Fact Sheet
City Nature Challenge Guide 2020


Watch for more on these summer events:
RRCC Team Pika!
Art Tour
Campus BioBlitz
Astronomy Night



No more on campus events this semester. Check out the archive of talks on Radio Red Rocks



STEM EXPO SPRING 2020, May 6-7

Virtual Symposium - more information to come soon



Winner announcement

Full Program Available Here!


Monday April 22 from 11am-3pm 

EARTH DAY event flyer




Feb. 7: Barbra Sobhani, Space: The Final Frontier, Undergraduate Research at RRCC

Feb. 14: Stacie Barbarick, Finding Your Passion

Feb. 21: Dr. Kelly Circle, Five Supreme Court Cases You Should Know By Name

Feb. 28: Dr. Frances Wardle, Boys and Early Childhood Education, Book signing

Mar. 7: John Orth, Passion, success, and the dangerous concept of talent

Mar. 14: Danea Fidler, The Basics of Combining Art & Science Through Creature Design

Mar. 21: World Water Day Guest Speaker, Art Hirsch

Apr. 4: John O'Neill, Electronics Design: 11 Ways to Fail

Apr. 11: Berndt Savig, The Sculpting process

Apr. 18: Lynnette Hoerner, Celestial Navigation and Culture

Apr. 25: Panel Discussion on Human Trafficking: Debunking the Myths

May 2: STEM EXPO: NASA RockSat-X Team

May 9: David-Matthew Barnes, The Creative Life

FALL 2018 Speaker Series

Imagina a day without water event October 10, 2018

STEM EXPO November 28 - 29, 2018

STEM EXPO April 25-26, 2018

Poster and art presentations both days between 10-12pm and 1-3pm on the Bridge.

Student talks both days in the Grays and Torreys Peak room.

STEM EXPO Spring 2018 Program

students presenting at the stem expo

Spring 2018 Honors Hot Topics Speaker Series - Wednesdays @ 3pm in Grays Peak

  • 2/7 Barbra Sobhani, Searching for Aliens
  • 2/21 Dr. Shane Spivey, Gravitational waves and LIGO
  • 3/7 Dr. Lynne Albert, CRISPR and the ethics of gene editing (special location - The Den)
  • 3/14 Special Justice Week Speaker
  • 3/21 Adam Forland, Tessellation of the plane and the Einstein Problem 
  • 4/4 John Curchin, Meteorites—Touring the Solar System
  • 4/18 Lynnette Hoerner, Navigating the Night Sky
  • 4/26 Brandon English, Homeopathy is Bull$h!t! - Special Thursday talk
  • 5/2 Summer Waters, What’s up with Water in Colorado
  • 5/8 Torrey Udall, Protecting Our Winters

World Water Day March 22

Visit our table on the bridge to learn more about how we can reduce floods, droughts and water pollution by using the solutions we already have in nature. Find out more at

Clean Water Access and Environmental Justice - Panel Discussion

Thursday, March 15, 2018 12:00pm - 1:30pm Grays Peak

Panelists include: Anna Lundin, Senior Project Manager with HDR, Inc., Blake Mayberry, RRCC Faculty, Nicole Dickinson, RRCC Trefny Honors student

Water Issues on the Front Range - Panel Discussion

Thursday, November 16th, 12-1:30 pm

Panelists: Amy Beatie, Colorado Water Trust, David Dani, Colorado Safe Drinking Water Program, Jim Tallent, Littleton Wastewater Treatment Manager, Summer Waters, RRCC Water Quality Program Director